Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Let's Talk About Flowers

You ever have one of those days where every nail polish you put on isn't working for you?
-__- That's what happened to me yesterday. Every color I put on... I just wasn't feeling :(
I did however swatch a color!
This is Sinful Colors in Let's Talk. (Photo from Sinful Colors Website)
This color is so hard to capture! The color is a very shiny purple but it wants to be a blue in pictures! Even the website photo shows a little blue I don't think it has!
I finally managed to get some photos which I think are more true to it's color.
What do you think? This is my favorite purple I own. :) Something about it is so shiny! This is 2 coats.

Another color I tried yesterday was a polish I got at Ulta in the clearance section for 3 dollars. This one, I'm quite surprised about! It's a CHI brand! They make hair products and straighteners right? :( I feel so confused!
Anyway This is CHI in Romance Under The Blue Moon.
Haha You can see my helmer in the back of this picture :p. I love this polish a lot more than I thought I would. I love dark colors especially blues, but it didn't seem that special to me when I picked it up. But the brush on this polish- I fell in love with. It's much smaller than expected but somehow- it makes the application more precise. I definitely want to get more CHI polishes if the brushes are like that! 
I smudged my finger helping my brother with something :(. If I hadn't I would have worn it all day! I hate when that happens :(.
The color itself is very pretty. It's like a grey/blue.
This is 2 coats. But I could have gotten away with one. 

Finally, after all that polish drama I decided on essence Choose Me! and Gold Rush.
And these got smudged too!! :( oh well. On Choose Me! I used a full nail flower design from Bundle Monster plate BM16. Then, on Gold Rush I used flowers from plate BM12. Part of the image didn't pick up on my middle finder so I used a small heart decal from claires. 
Not the best, but just one of those days ;P.
I'm off to take an important test! Ahh, so nervous!


  1. Hi! Welcome to nail blogging! I found your blog via The Daily Nail (I just clicked on a random one to check out and it was yours). I'm 20 as well but I'm from Pennsylvania. I love nail art too and I created a blog as well to share it with people. I also use Bundle Monster plates instead of Konad (they're wayyy too expensive for a college girl like me!) Anyway, I'm excited to see what you do with your blog and all the designs and colors. Your manicure at the end of the other post (from the Japanese magazine looks really cool), I like the split heart on the two different nails. Looks real sharp! As for this purple you showed on this post--it's awesome! It reminds me of China Glaze's "Coconut Kiss". Can't wait for more posts to check out :)

    Oh, and I love your background if you check out may figure out why! lol

  2. :D Thanks Nikki! It's so funny that you found me through the Daily Nail because that's the first nail blog I started following!
    I agree, I love the konad plates and I have two (but only because I got them online for half off :X) but the bundle monster kit is so much more economical!
    Thank you! :D haha our backgrounds match!


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