Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday Haul

I love Black Friday! Almost all my Christmas shopping is done. :) 
Here is what polishes I picked up:
The Wet N Wild Festive Flirt Nail Kit. It says $4.99 but on Thanksgiving night it was only $2.99!

Broken Hearted, Lost Love, Flirty Rose Creme, and No Chip Top Coat.
It also came with a cute nail file!

Bar-B, Royal Red, Misty Rose, and Shy.
I haven't tried these yet, so I can't comment on the quality. I like the quality of other Wet N Wilds but holiday kits tend to be a bit icky in quality. Like the Hard Candy Minis I bought a while ago. The quality of those was terrible! They smelt horrible, applied terribly, and apparently some of them stain nails really badly! I hope this holiday set is better.

My Ulta Beauty Gems Mini Set. Regularly $7.99, on Black Friday it was $2.99!
Amethyst, Emerald, Pink Ruby, and Smoky Quartz.

Zoya Wonderful Set. Regularly $20. With my Black Friday coupon it was $16. 
Kelly, Stacy, Burke, Kristi, Cola, and Shawn.

I also bought this CND Stickey Base Coat that was recommended to me in the store. I don't know the full price but I paid $3.82.

OPI Off With Her Red! ($2.97) and My Private Jet ($3.82). 

China Glaze Grape Pop and C-C-Courage. OPI Glow Up Already! and DS Illuminate. These items were all regularly priced. 

These were an online order but they came on Black Friday so I thought I'd show them anyway.
China Glaze He's Going In Circles, Lubu Heels, and Metallic Muse.

I also tried China Glaze LOL.
This is 3 coats. I love this color! It is a very holographic purple. Color wise, it is darker than Milani Hi-Res. It also is a full nail holo not a glitter holo.

Look how awesome that holoness looks! I've been obsessed with Holographics lately. But you can see why :).

And since I can never leave my polish alone. I used Konad White Stamping Polish and bundler monster plate BM19.

While I was looking for my Milani purple holo to compare colors- I accidentally pulled my helmer drawer out too far. Polish went flinging everywhere around my room! One polish broke. It was a favorite of mine, Zoya Lola. :/ I gathered them all together and cleaned up the polish off my wood floor (magic eraser and hairspray is a lifesaver!). It seems one of the Wet N Wild Holiday ones is missing too, Misty Rose. 
My room is clean right now, but I do have a few things to put away that it could be hiding under. I hope I find it I really wanted to swatch it. :(
A moment of silence for Lola and Dusty Rose ;).


  1. omg sorry about the missing ones, it happend to me too, but on my carpet!!!! still had one little spot that was covered, before my husband saw it ^_^.
    Cool Haul, this black Friday also was my birthday yay!:), I just got a little Hard Candy the one with the heart shaped nail file, and smelling bubblegum polish ;).

  2. Those Zoya's <3 I'm sorry about the missing lacquers :( It sucks when you miss some of them!

  3. Arie- Oh that's bad :P! The worst part is my dad put in our floors himself so I defintely don't want him to come in here inspecting the floors haha.:) Happy belated birthday! Thank you.

    Jessica- Thank you! I just have no idea where it could be! My room is small :[

  4. I wish we had Black Friday in my country. That is one awesome haul.

    Sorry to hear about the accident. RIP Lola.

  5. Gejba- some people love black friday and some people hate it! :)

    Thank you :(


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