Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Does the Haulin Ever Stop?!

I swear. My last haul for a while!

Two polishes I ordered from ebay.
Borghese Celestiale Silver (my first Borghese!) and Orly Fantasea. 

Some pigments for frankening.

Forever 21 polishes: Orchid, Orange, Red (on clearance for 99 cents!), and Blue.
Don't get too creative with those names there, forever 21...

Yes, I caved and bought the rest of the Milani Holos.
Top row: Wet N Wild Metallica and Sparked. I got these for frankening and they're already almost used up!
Bottom Row: Milani 3D Holographic 3D, HI-TECH, Cyberspace, and Digital.

Nail Tek II Intensive Therapy and China Glaze Bahamian Escape.
I bought Nail Tek II thinking it was the foundation that can be used in frankening to make matte polishes. :( Now I have to go back and get the real thing!

There's no real nail action going on here tonight (I'm exhausted). But I did make frankens:

This is:
Tsuki no Hokori, Sea Froth, Depth, and Kage.

And a quick preview:


  1. You've bought a lot of nice things recently :)

    I like your frankens - did you use pigments for that?

  2. :) Thank you. I used a green pigment for Sea froth. But the rest are just mixed polishes.

  3. Yay! I'm in love with your Milani loot! But I promised myself to stop buying more polishes ... well, at least til the end of the year. Haha! I have too many untried colors! But looking at your haul makes me want to break my promise!

  4. Haha Thats what I told myself too. :) But there's a couple sales going on that I just don't want to miss :X


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