Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Extreme Haulin' And Holo's

I FINALLY got my car back this afternoon, so I went out and did a much needed (okay not so much ;]) polish pickup.
I stopped at Ulta, Meijers, and some nail supply places.
I also found this little gem at my local DT:
Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Diamond and Lavender Pearl. This was their one and only SH. I think this will probably be the last one I find. :(

I picked up Ulta Ridge Filler.

Some BBs for frankens.

Some extra bottles for frankens.

I found these in the back of a nail supply store. 
Top Row: Toma Mood Changing Avocado Glitter To Silver Glitter, Illusion Brown To Sheer Gold, Copper Green To Cinnamon, Midnight Black To Diamond Sparkle, and Moodmania (not sure if this is a different brand) Manic Attack.
Bottom Row: NDB Under The Sea, Toma Unknown purple mood changing light bulb polish, and Escape Racing Green.

Zoya Kristi (I got this one for only $2.45!), Shivon, China Glaze Outta Bounds, and (my first!) CND Silver Chrome.

Milani (25% at Meijer) 3D Holographic HI-RES, HD, and some nail art glitter I found for 93 cents.

In case you haven't noticed- I love the thrill of a sale! :)

I swatched a couple polishes:

Here is the Toma unknown light bulb polish. In scratched off lettering it says "mood changing". This is 3 coats.
I admit, I bought the polish for the bottle- but I really do like this color. The color is a light slate blue/puple with a little bit of iridescence in it. I figured this polish was old so it wouldn't change colors. It did change under hot water, but only slightly.

It is a very slight change, but it changed from more purple to a slate blue.
I noticed this polish took quite a while to change between colors. I still love this color, none the less.

This is Milani 3D Holographic in HI-RES. This is 2 coats. I love these polishes! I fell in love with them instantly. I think I will go back tomorrow and get the rest. :)

It's very pretty, yes?

This is HD. This is 3 coats. I am constantly drawn to silver holos. But this one I wasn't so impressed with.

I wanted to compare.

HD, SH Diamonds, Nox Twilight Disco Darling, and OPI DS Coronation. 

I was in a bit of rush, so the application is a little poopy. 
Milani HD, SH Diamond, Nox Twlight Disco Darling, and OPI DS Coronation. 
This is 4 coats of each.
I think HD is most holo-y of them all. It has the most random shimmer. It looks like a glitter holo and a full nail holo. 
After seeing this, I was more impressed.
DS Coronation, Disco Darling, Diamond, and HD.
You can definitely see how HD is very holo-y here. I have mixed feelings about it. But I think that is because I own so many similar polishes!


  1. Yay! great findings, love hunt good sales too! ^_^.
    I own a couple of those light bulb shape mood polishes they are fun :).

  2. OMG! what DT!??!?!?! every DT around me SUCKSSSSS!! and omg, those Milani holos are awesome~!

  3. Arie- Do you? I've never seen those polishes before!

    Katrina- I found one and only one in MI- and that was at the Hall road DT. I've been to one in Canton, sterling heights, and shelby. They're all out!

  4. That lightbulb bottle looks amazing! I like the color too.

  5. Oh my gosh!!! I love the Nox Twlight Disco Darling. I have some polishes from this collection. Wish yould visit my blog too.


  6. I had one of those light bulb polishes when I was younger. A few years back I threw out all of my old polishes because I didn't wear them and had heard somewhere that polishes go bad. Now I regret it. Really wish I had them back now, I'd like to find some of those lightbulb polishes again.


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