Sunday, November 28, 2010

Golden Flowers

I'm still bumming about yesterday's polish incident. :(

But here are some nails I did right before Vegas.
I used OPI DS Reserve and stamped with China Glaze Hi-Tek. 

I like these nails a lot. They were simple but pretty. 
I used bundle monster plates BM05 (thumb) and BM14 (index).
I used Konad plate M60 on my ring finger.

I tried out China Glaze He's Going In Circles.
This is 3 coats. When I first saw this in the bottle I was very disappointed. I thought it was going to be exploding with holoy goodness. In the bottle it looks like a sparkly mint green with a bit of holographicness to it. :) It's definitely better on the nail!

This is quickly becoming my favorite holo I own. 

See why I love it? It is the most holoy color I own! And it's unique in the fact that it's the only mint green holo I've seen. 

I think the holo particles in it make it look a bit blue too.

What do you think?


  1. beautiful! i was thinking of buying "he's going in circles" but thought that it wasn't holo-y enough for me. now i think i'll need to buy it!

  2. how pretty!! I love holographicss!!

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