Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Ah, the calm before the Turkey storm. :)
Sad news today: I broke a nail! I was grabbing laundry out of the basket, and my nail hit the side and snapped off! It broke really short and is somewhat painful :/.
Anyway, I made some quick Thanksgiving nails.

I used:
Thumb: 2 coats of NYC Wing It Wine and then stamped some faint leaves on it with Bundle Monster plate BM04 and Wet N Wild Caribbean Frost. 
Index: Two coats of Forever 21 Orange and I sponged on Wet N Wild Caribbean Frost with a nail art cotton square. I then painted my tip with Caribbean Frost.
Middle: I used 2 coats of Ulta Snow White and painted the pilgrim hat on with Wet N Wild Black Creme, Forever 21 Dusty Blue, and China Glaze HI-TEK. 
Ring: I used Caribbean Frost for the moon mani with balls from eBay. 
Pinky: I used 2 coats of Essence Gold Rush and 3 coats of Wet N Wild Fireworks.

It was rushed but I think it came out okay. 

For those of you celebrating Thanksgiving: Share some Turkey with your Turkey-tine (like a valentine but.. yeah. :) ).


  1. looks awesome! enjoy your Thanksgiving~

  2. "Sad news today: I broke a nail!" I feel your pain!!! especially when it can't be repaired or anything the whole thing snaps off! My thumb is still growing out for its break. I will have your broken nail in my thoughts ;)

  3. Thanks Katrina! Happy thanksgiving to you too <3

    Shortwidenails- "As we mourn the loss of the ones that have broken off" ;)
    It was actually a terrible break. :(

  4. Cute thanksgiving mani!!, lol I do too like the calm before the turkey storm ;).

  5. looking for thanksgiving inspiration and this is great!


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