Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hearts For My LAST Haul! And QOTD!

I swear this is my last haul for a while:
Top Row: Sinful Colors Queen of Beauty, Wet N Wild Nocturnal, Nocturnal, Chameleon Calypso, Blue Frost, and Blue Sky.
Middle Row: Wet N Wild Clear, 3 snowmen polishes (They don't have names), and Wet N Wild Fireworks.
Last Row: Wet N Wild Clear, Spectacle, Caribbean Frost, Nail Tek Foundation II (The right one!), Wet N Wild Wild Card, White, and White.

I couldn't resist a little drug store snooping for polishes. And I didn't even know Rite Aid carried Chameleon. So I was excited to find snowmen polishes AND Chameleon polishes!

Anyway, I did some swatches:
This is Borghese Cekestial Silver. I was really disappointed in this polish. The is 4 coats and it wasn't completely opaque in 4 either. The color is pretty unique though. It's a silver with a slight tinge of yellow.

This is Orly Fantasea. This is 3 coats and I love the color. I'm never really drawn to orly polishes but this color is really pretty and I'm glad I bought it.

This is Forever 21's Orange. The name is dripping with creativity I KNOW ;). It's very pretty and perfect for fall. The finish reminds me of foil. This is 2 coats.

This one is my favorite of the bunch. This is Forever 21's Orchid. This is 1 coat!! It covers amazingly and has a very beautiful pink foil finish. :)

This is Red. Yes, just red. I don't own many red polishes. I used to worry that red would draw attention to badly manicured nails :(. I'm bought more red polish lately, and I've learned to let my red freak flag fly. ;D
This is 2 coats.

Another amazing name: Blue. This is 1 coat. I love how it coated so easily and creamy.

And of course my nail art today:
Something quick and easy before I ran out the door.
Thumb is OPI DS Opulence striped with Art Deco Gold Glitter, index finger is Chameleon Calypso with Wet N Wild White, and my middle is Milani 3D Holographic HI-RES with white paint.
 My ring finger is Forever 21 Orchid with white craft paint, a black striper for the outline and pink beads.
My pinky is Milani Digital with hearts.

Someone on Makeup Alley asked this the other day and it is now my question for you:
How supportive are the people in your life of your love for nail polish?



  1. why last???? oh no. collect as many as you can! lol

  2. never-ending hauls; AWESOME!!!! hahahah let me know how well those snowman polishes work; i wanna get a few but if they suck, i dont want em. hahaha

  3. :) I have yet to try them but I will!!

  4. I really envy your hauls! haha..
    I really wanna hear a review on your Wet N Wild whites! I'm still looking for a perfect white, and I have a small selection of WNW in my nearest supermarket.. So if you can recommend it, I'm going to run down there and buy a white! haha

  5. Oh and the question.. Well a lot of people think my nail art frenzy is kind of cool. But when they hear how many polishes I have, they are shocked! haha.. (I 'only' have around 100)

    But the people closest to me see it as a kind of hobby, like if I was painting or something like that.. So that's great :)

    I would like to hear your answer to that question too :) hehe

  6. :) Thanks! I will review some of the Wet N Wild Colors soon! Although I admit, a lot of my WnW colors got used up last night because I use them for frankening!

    :) I'm glad you have supportive people in your life!

    Thanks for asking! My dad is never happy when I buy polish and he hates the smell (claims it wakes him up at night!) but occasionally he'll buy me a polish if we're at the grocery store.
    My boyfriend is very supportive of my habit. :)

  7. Love the silver metallic nail polish.


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