Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pretty Prism

I've talked about Sally Hansen Nail Prism Diamond, but I haven't shown you guys it yet!

I purchased this in Las Vegas. I have 3 extra. I'm thinking about giving them away. 

This is 3 coats. I love this color. I think it might be my favorite silver holographic. I think it has better coverage than most silver holos.

Pretty, yes? :) 

I wanted to compare. I compared it to NOX Twlight Disco Darling and OPI DS Coronation. 
I didn't compare it to Milani HD simply because I didn't own it when I compared these!

Diamond, Disco Darling, and DS Coronation. 
In my opinion, it has better coverage than DS Coronation but less sparkle holo than Disco Darling.

I also did a quick comparison between some lilacs:

Essence No More Drama, Essie Babycakes, E.L.F. Lilac, and Ulta Last Fling before the Ring. (I love that name!)

No More Drama, Babycakes, Lilac, and Last Fling Before the Ring. 3 coats of each. Except Lilac which had 4 or 5.
Last Fling Before the Ring and Lilac are really close in color. No more drama is the darkest. And Babycakes is the odd man out with a pinkish shimmer.


  1. I like the prism best of the silver holos from these pics :)

  2. ouuu ! i like ur blog <3
    fantastic :D

    follow me and write comment if you want ;*

  3. Nice comps! I'm trying to figure out why I don't have Babycakes; it looks very pretty.

  4. Wow, I looove NOX Twilight Disco Darling! No idea what it has to do with the Twilight books/movies though... :-)
    As for the lilacs, I think I like Essence the least, the other ones are super pretty!

  5. Karen- I love Babycakes! It has a very pretty unexpected shimmer.

    Lois- I don't know either. :)


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