Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Hi everyone! I changed my layout a little bit, what do you think?
Since I decided I need to swatch all of my (ever growing) stash, it's been a big nightmare to get organized over here! But I have a few swatches for you today!

This is Wet N Wild Spectacle. I picked this up after how much I loved Sparked (which is now my new header :)). But I was disappointed. This is much less opaque and here i used 4 coats.

You can see through much more in this picture. It applied really terribly on me. I think I might pour out some of the clear coat in in it so it becomes more opaque.

This is Essie Click It or Ticket. It is a frosty orange color that was opaque in 1 coat, but I applied 2. I think this color looked good with my skin tone but is too much of a grandma polish for me. This polish applied well and dried quickly. 

This polish I am not sure of the name. I know it is an Etude House part of the LUCIDarling collection. When I bought this color online the site said it was Ruby Purple. If that name is wrong, please correct me! I'd like to know! This is 4 coats. It looks very opaque in the bottle but it didn't apply that way. It is a purple glitter with holographic hexagrams and stars. I didn't even know it had stars it in until I applied it! 

Close up of the star glitter. This is definitely unlike other glitters in my collection and I'm glad I have it.

Now I have some swatches from the China Glaze Holiday Collection.
This is 2 coats of Naughty And Nice. It was a bit difficult to apply because the it tended to pool in certain areas.

It appears very very dark in the shade, almost black. But in the light you can see it's a dark burgundy. 

You can see how dark it is here. I love this color though. It is very vampy.

This is 3 coats of Mrs. Claus. As soon as I saw it on Katrina's blog I knew I had to pull it out and try it!

Isn't it pretty? It has a pinkish red base with glitter than shines silver and pink. I love this color.

I think this color looks nice on my skin tone as well.

This is 2 coats of Phat Santa. I think I had mentioned before that I never really wore red polishes, but this polish I love. This is a very pretty, very opaque red.

I love how shiny it is. it looks like car paint :).

This is 2 coats of Jolly Holly. This could have been a one coater if I had applied more carefully. 

This is a really pretty emerald shimmer. And I didn't have a similar color in my collection. 

This is 3 coats of Party Hearty over Jolly Holly and Phat Santa. I drove everywhere to find this polish. I had seen it early on Black Friday, but passed on it because I was already getting my Zoyas. Later in the day, I stopped at a couple beauty stores looking for it- they were all out! So the next day I went back to the first store and bought it. 

I was really disappointed! I couldn't get nearly as much glitter as I wanted on the nail :(.

I also took some time today to organize all my untried polish into one drawer.
I have so many to try! How about you ladies? Do you separate your untried polishes from your used? What is your system?


  1. I love your new layout, the photos across the top (and of the course the polish) are beautiful! Glitter polishes are so amazing. Also Holly Jolly is a gorgeous green. I may have to purchase that one!

    As for my stash...hahaha it's all disorganized. Right now I have most in the huge container I bought from Michaels, some sitting on my desk (read: only 15), all my stripers crammed in a makeup bag also on by desk with nail treatments (top coats, nail growth stuff I should use, base coats, no chip protective polishes), and oddly enough one balanced on my container of nail polish remover on my armoir (hmm, I wonder when I did that), and a couple stashed in the top drawer of the dresser. Come to think of it...I'll be adding "a helmer" to my Christmas wishlist for sure!

  2. Thanks Nikki!
    A helmer is a nail polish addict must! :) I have two now and I'm glad I invested in them haha.

  3. Wow, swatch-o-rama; I love it!

    I tagged you with an award:

  4. Ah ah ah, my organization system right now?! it's a mess!!^_^.
    I have them in some plastic totes,all mixed, but I am in the process to use a book shelf to organize them, I've tried a shoe rack idea, but It was a fail (big mess)^_^.
    Cool swatches! Love Jolly Holly!

  5. Ooh, I like all of these! Especially that pretty purple glitter Etude House one, cool stars!

  6. OOoo that naughty and nice looks so vampy chic!

  7. Karen- Thanks for tagging me!~

    Arie- I know how you feel! My polishes never feel fully organized. :(

    Asami- Thank youuuu!

    Loodie- I love naughty and nice! :)

  8. i thought that was sparked for a second. when you have time can you do a comparison post of the 2?

    maybe sparked is discontinued and Spectacle is the new version? i own sparked and love it..i should get a back up

    i can't help you with organizing the polish since mine are everywhere. argh

  9. Katrina- I got this one online for pretty cheap!

    :) Shortwidenails- I have both, and actually, I just picked up a second sparked yesterday! I think one is a Holiday glitter? I should know haha. I know at a lot of stores I went to they had both. I will do a comparison!

  10. Omg I love the pink one... the pink shimmer below the vamp style its so gorgeous! Please guide me where to get this stuff its so awesome!
    Plus i also like the second last contrast of forrest green.. Its so mesmerising yet adorable lol >.< Please please tell me where to get these!

  11. Lustformusic- The pink one is China Glaze Mrs. Claus. And I think you're talking about China Glaze Pearty Hearty over Jolly Holly? You can buy these on 8ty8beauty.com or transdesign.com. You can also get them from local beauty supplies!


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