Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wet N Wild Swatches

I've bought a few Wet N Wild polishes lately that I planned to use for frankening.
:) I decided to try them out on their own anyway. 
. They run on the really, really cheap side of the nail polish word. The polishes in Wild Shine collection are 99 cents each! I really love the formula of Wet N Wild polishes. For being inexpensive, they have great coverage and dry pretty fast. 

This is 3 coats of French White Creme. It has the same problems that white polishes have. It's thicker and applies streaky. I smudged my middle finger here too but the drying time was still good in my opinion. I think it is a very good white for a very cheap price. I still prefer my Ulta Snow White just because I think it has a bit better of a formula

This is 2 coats of Caribbean Frost. Sorry for the awkward angle, this is one of those polishes that wants to be another color. It kept photographing green but it is definitely this teal color. The formula and drying time were good. And the color is pretty but it wasn't anything I got super excited about.

This is 4 coats of Fireworks. I love this glitter. It has really good coverage, but I would still use a base color. I like that it has holographic holograms and gold glitter in it. It is really a cool glitter.

Here's a side view. You can definitely see the holograms here.

This one is my favorite of the bunch. This is 3 coats of Sparked. This is a pink glitter with amazing coverage. For the price, it is worth picking up and I highly recommend it!

Here's a side shot. You can see how opaque this applied!
Of course, a money shot! ;)

Here is Wild Card. This is 4 coats. It is a purple with gold undertones. I felt like I had seen this color before. So I compared it to Orly Fantasea. 

Fantasea is on my middle and pinky. Wild Card is on my index and ring. You can see that Fantasea has more gold shimmer to it, but Wild Card is it's muted twin. Pretty close.

I have Rite-Aid Snowmen swatches for tomorrow!



  1. Yay, it seems like I have to try out that W'n'W white polish.. Even though it's not as cheap here :/

  2. Really? How much are they where you are?

  3. They are between $5 and $7 :/ But that's still cheap here compared to other polishes.. But Denmark is a VERY expensive country, so that's why..

  4. Really? That's crazy considering Wet N Wild is one of the cheapest polishes here!

  5. It's one of the cheapest here too! This is just a crazy country.. That's why I can't afford any polishes! haha

  6. Really? There aren't any cheap local brands? :/ I would think Wet N Wild would be more because of the import tax.

  7. Nope! Nothing is local in this country :p But that's just the price-rate here..

  8. -_-;; What about online nail retailers?!

  9. That's cheaper! a lot.. But then I need to pay shipping and have the risk that I need to pay taxes when it get's in to the country.. So I need a lot of money at the same time, to be able to buy online! And I never have that.. haha.. So I'll just have to settle and be happy when I find an okay cheap polish here :)

  10. That's okay.. I'm use to it! haha..


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