Friday, November 12, 2010

Winter China

Today's nails are based on pretty blue and white china.
Wiki tells me its called "qīng-huā" or 青花 which means literally "blue flowers".
I used Essence Forever Mine from the Denim Wanted! Collection and Ulta Snow White.
Forever mine is a little bit brighter in the bottle IRL. And somehow a little darker on the nail? Weird.

 I free handed a flower on my thumb. I used bundle monster plate BM07 plate for my index finger. I free handed dots and used jewels for my middle finger. I used plate BM17 for my ring finger. And I used plate BM21 for my pinky.

I'm not a big fan of the way this came out. It's so hard for me to make the nail tip plates even across. 
Does anyone have any tips for doing that?
And my Seche Vite TC bubbled around my jewels :(.
I still liked the color combo a lot and I really like how easy it is to stamp with Forever Mine!
It comes out a little lighter than when I polished a whole nail in it as you can see in the pictures. But it is very pigmented and picked up the images beautifully! I'd love to do a full mani with plate BM21 with Forever Mine.



  1. Ooh I learnt a new Chinese phrase today. But it doesn't literally mean blue flowers. 青 is the character for green, not blue. Lovely mani! Sometimes the same thing happens to me, the stamped image doesn't stamp across properly. I guess you just have to exert an even pressure when stamping.

  2. Haha Thanks Cheryl! wiki would tell me the wrong thing! :)

  3. Very pretty!, sometimes that happen to me too ^_^.
    I guess it's just practice.

  4. That blue and white looks so crisp. Me likey!


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