Sunday, December 12, 2010

50th Post!

Today is the blog's 50th Post.
So for celebration I thought I'd break out my Color Clubs. I've never used Color Club before and I was very impressed with the formula.
Color Club Fashion Addict and Revvvolution.

This is Color Club Fashion Addict. I used 2 coats of this polish but it was easily opaque in 1. Can we talk about the massive disappointment I felt when I had on this polish? Where is the holoy goodness?!

It is a very pretty color that I LOVED but it wasn't near as holoy as some of the pictures I saw online.

I tried it in the sun and you can see some of the holographic nature here, but it really wasn't too exciting. I'm starting to feel like I got a dud. :(

Maybe I'll have it give it go another time. 

Revvvolution on the other hand, was another story! This is 1 coat.

This polish wasn't super holographic on me either, but much more than Fashion Addict. 

It looks so pretty here! I really want to compare this to My Private Franken. 

While my Color Clubs were not that holographic, I really think that the formula in these polishes is worth it. They applied perfectly. 
I hope everyone had a good weekend!


  1. I have Fashion Addict and love it! Its not super holo-y but it def has some holo flare! Revvolution has been on my wishlist forever!

  2. i always love to looking how tidy u applied the polish right on ur nail, very very tidy! :)

  3. woo hoo! congrats on your 50th post!! Revvvolution is THE BEST - i swear :) haha


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