Saturday, December 18, 2010

Asian Polish Swatches

Today I will be showing you the rest of the polishes I got in my swap with Cheryl.
Usually by this time of the morning, I am up and showered- ready to go. But today I'm being lazzzzzzy before I start my new job next week. :)
Arezia "Orange", Sylvie "13", Sasatinnie "Blue", Suki 171, Face Shop BL604, and Daboo glitter polish. None of these had names. Some of these had numbers. A couple just didn't say anything. 

This is 2 coats of Arezia "Orange". Blurrgghhh. This turned out to be a hideous orange shimmer but I still have hope for this one. I feel it could be potentially pretty over black.

The drying time on this was slow, so you can see I accidentally scrapped the polish on my index finger while taking pictures. Woops.

I really have hope for this polish.

This is Sylvie 13. I used 2 coats and I probably needed 3 or 4 because it looks really sheer here. 

13 is a purple shimmer with bits of purple glitter in it. I feel this might be fun layered over black too.

This is Sasatinnie "Blue". I LOVE saying Sasatinnie. :) This is 4 coats and it turned out to be a very sheer blue with glitter that shines purple.

Another good one for layering.

This is Suki 171. It's 2 coats of gorgeousness! A very pigmented purple polish. I'm guessing it's Japanese, well because Suki is a Japanese name and it has Japanese writing on it that translates to "nail color." :)

I love this purple and the bottle is just too cute!

This is 1 coat of The Face Shop BL604. Yes, ONE coat. Words can not express what a joy this polish was. From the adorable bottle to the overall amazing one-coat formula. I'm in love.

BL604 is a dark blue shimmer that stole my heart.

This is 1 coat of Daboo glitter polish over BL604. When I saw this in the bottle, I kind of just dismissed it as something not very exciting. So, my expectations for this glitter polish were very low. I was completely blown away by how awesome it looked over BL604!! You can see here it dried to a semi matte finish and it looked amazing under artificial lighting. 

See how it has a semi matte finish? I love how this polish gave The Face Shop BL604 depth, rather than the glitter sitting on top of the polish.

This is the polish in sunlight with top coat. It's hard to see but the glitter actually shines two different shades of blue. I couldn't stop staring at my nails and I actually kept this on for a few days.

And then I did this! I added one coat of Essie Matte About You.

It looked so gorgeous matte.

Here you can see how the polish shines two different shades of blue.


  1. The matt version looks awesome! Nice polishes!

  2. ooooh~ nice polishes! im surprised that the faceshop polish was only one coat! & that glitter is gorrrrrgeous!~

  3. Suki 171 is absolutely beautiful! I love it! What a great post! :)

  4. Wow, what a great swap! I love seeing unusual (to me) brands like this.

  5. suki is awesome!
    combo with bl604 and dambo glitter is just to die for...both version :-)

  6. Wow that is very nice! I'm glad you like the blue and the purple!

  7. My monitor must be playing tricks on me since that Arezia's orange looks like a beautiful yellow shimmer to me.


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