Thursday, December 9, 2010

Beauty Gems

On Black Friday I picked up the Ulta Beauty Gems set because it was on sale for 3 dollars. 
The polishes are quite small so I think if it would have been the 8 dollars, I would have passed. 
But in any case, I'm glad I didn't! I ended up really liking the polishes in this set!
This is Amethyst. It was opaque in 1 coat but I did 2 because of visible nail line. 
This polish has a metallic foil finish. I don't have another light purple foil, so it was unique to my collection. :) I also LOVED the brushes on these polishes. They're the perfect size for me.

This is Emerald. It was very streaky on the 1st coat, but opaque on the 2nd. It's an emerald shimmer, but nothing too exciting.

You can see the bits of shimmer here.

This is Pink Ruby, a fuchsia cream. It was opaque in 1 coat, but I used 2 and ironically looking at this picture now, I feel I could have used a 3rd. :X

This polish was reflective and shiny.

This is my favorite of the bunch, Smoky Quartz.  It was the streakiest of the bunch but I love the purplish grey color. It reminds me of Relvon Perplex without the shimmer.

It almost matches the background haha. :)

Here is Smoky Quartz next to Perplex. See how tiny the bottle is? :) Oh, and also compare the colors!

SQ, Perplex, Perplex, and SQ. 
Perplex is a lot thicker and has a bit of purple shimmer, which did not want to capture without sunlight :(.

Perplex is also a bit lighter. But they're still pretty close I think.


  1. Emerald, Smoky Quartz and Perplex are gorgeous! Too bad we don't have Black Friday in our country ... or Ulta for that matter. :D

  2. ooh very pretty! I really like Amethyst and Perplex. Great finds :)

  3. Quite a deal! I haven't seen this set at my Ulta in months. I really like Amethyst and keep hoping we'll see it in a full size bottle one day.

  4. Smoky Quartz is so pretty!!! too bad there are very limited nail polish brand here in Vancouver =( i dont recall seeing this brand here.

  5. wow!like this colors! visit my blog if you like :)

  6. Pink Ruby is so pretty.
    You have a lovely blog <3

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