Friday, December 10, 2010

Franken Free Friday (Part I Urban Outfitters)

Sorry ladies! 
I was very busy this week and I wasn't able to make any frankens in time for today! I am experimenting with some colors for next week though, so don't worry. :)
Today however I have part I of my Urban Outfitter's Show of Hands swatches. 
None of these polishes have names on them. So, I'll name them by their color. :)

This is "Lime Green". This is 3 coats. It has an odd jelly-creme finish and the first coat was very streaky.

This color is very slime-like. Does anyone remember on Nickelodeon they used to slime people? This is what it makes me think of.

AHHHH! Ignore my yellow stained nails! :(.  This is 4 coats of "Multi Glitter" and it didn't cover nearly as well as I had hoped!

I have a feeling this will be good for layering over black.

This is 3 coats of "Hot Pink". This polish is Jelly like than the Lime Green one.

See how shiny it is? And this color is MUCH more neon in real life.

This is "Yellow". I used 3 coats and it has the same finish as the Lime Green polish. 

I hate this color on me. It's a weird mustard yellow that is not flattering at all. I think this might be good for nail art.

This is 2 coats of "Medium Blue". This is my favorite of the bunch and the most opaque. Ignore the weird fuzzies that showed up on my nails -_-;;.

I don't have a color like this, so I'm glad I have it. It's very fresh feeling. 

That's it for Part I! :)
What do you guys think? I'm excited to have polishes with a cool new finish in my collection. But these polishes are very much hit or miss for me. I think it is because the colors are so crazy that you either love them or hate them.


  1. Of course I love that glitter!

  2. these are beautiful! I love the slime green! Slime time Live- I hated the show but loved watching people get slimed. The blue is my fav.

  3. Hmm, what color do you think the multi glitter would look good on??
    they all look pretty!! especially the lime green.

  4. Wow, I love all the colours, esp that glitter! I'm just imagining the possibilities of it over black, dark blue, etc :)

  5. Aaaaaah I loove Urban outfitters nail polish! I got 2 in a giveaway, so cool! <3

  6. Thanks ladies!!

    Silence is loud- I'm going to try layering the glitter over black!

  7. Lime green looks awesome! You have a very nice application, I must say, going through your blog! :) And the swatches are making me buy the polish on the nails, so that's always a compliment for a nail-blogger. ;) But I really want Lime green, yes. Not sure if i can get it in EU, though.


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