Friday, December 17, 2010

Franken Friday: Holiday Edition

Yay! It's finally Franken Friday! :) I love making frankens. And I'm glad to hear you guys like seeing them too! This week's frankens are all Holiday Editions.
Snow City, Holographic Holidaze, Blizzard, and Coal.
You might notice that the glitters I bought  (from Kitkraft) were used in two of these frankens. I used the holographic fine silver glitter in Holographic Holidaze. I also used the flakie glitter in Blizzard. 

This is Snow City. I used 3 coats and dried with a strange satin finish. I wish I could show you the satin finish it leaves, because I would say the finish reminds me of snow! However, this polish was very streaky so I had to use top coat to even it out.

This color is a very pretty off-white.

Here is a close up so I can show you that the polish has a bit of glitter to it.

Here you can see glitter even better.

Snow City Recipe
1/3 Pure Ice Don't You Wish
1 Lanmei Off white Pigment (Approximately a bit less than 3/8th of a teaspoon)
1/3 Clear polish

This is 2 coats of Holographic Holidaze. Okay, so I might have over done it with the glitter... I made a very opaque but gritty holographic glitter polish.

It looks like a disco ball on my nails.

Glurghhh. Here you can see how gritty it is! Up close it's a big old mess but from far away it's gorgeous!

Look at that bottle!
If I did it again I would definitely use less glitter, I think I will add some more clear to this to see if it thins out. I don't have the recipe to this because I was way to distracted by glitter to write it down.

This is 1 coat of Blizzard. I LOVE the way this one came out! The iridescent flakies look amazing. I'm wearing it over Wet N Wild Black Creme

It's a bit gritty so it does need a top coat which I didn't use. I really thought the flakies would melt in the polish but they haven't so far.

There is also a bit of glitter polish in this too. I've heard if you want to add glitter to a franken, you need to use a suspension base, such as a glitter polish, so it disperses evenly.

I took a picture of this right after I made this just in case it melted. Can you guess what polish I'm wearing here?

Blizzard Recipe
3/4 Pure Ice Don't You Wish
3/8th teaspoon flakie glitter
1/4 Clear polish

Since I used up pretty much all of my Pure Ice Don't You Wish, I decided to make another franken in the empty bottle. This is 2 coats of Coal. This color reminds me of some holiday bath bomb thingies I got from lush last year. They were shaped like coal and sprinkled with glitter. 

This looks black here but it is actually a very dark, smoky grey with silver glitter.

The glitter I used for this is the same glitter I used for my Starry Starry Franken.

The colorful glitter is the tiny bit of Don't You Wish that was left in the bottle because I didn't clean it out.
I don't have a recipe for this one, because it was just an after thought. I used Pure Ice Taupe Drawer, Wet N Wild Black Creme, and Sinful Colors Queen of Beauty.

What do you guys think? :)


  1. wow these are fantastic!
    I love the holo one and the last one!
    Great work!
    I would love that holo!

  2. wow these are beautiful! nicely done :)

  3. That holo is crazy good; I think you used just the right amount of glitter. :)

  4. You got the frankening talent for sure! :)

  5. I am absolutely loving your frankens! They all look amazing!

  6. i love it,i love it,i love it
    girl,you've done amazing job with this frankens :-)


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