Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hauls, Swaps, and Chameleons! (The Longest Post Ever ;))

It's December first so it's less than a month to Christmas!
I've recently made some nail polish purchases so I'll share those with you guys!
:) And hi to all my new followers! At 50 followers (if I get there! :P) I'm planning to do a giveaway!

Here's some nail polish!
This is the Urban Outfitter's Show of Hands Mini Collection. None of the colors are named!
I think most of them if not all of them are just minis of regular sized UO polishes. But since the website doesn't show all the polishes I can't find the names!

:) Does anyone else ever do this?

Have any of you seen the cute nail file packs at Forever 21? :) I love them.

I picked up Forever 21's Love and Beauty polishes Taupe and Royal. I picked up Royal because I thought it might be a dupe for OPI DS Magic. But when I got them home to compare, they're very different in the bottle. I think I might compare them anyway just to see.

Wet N Wild Midnight and Tipsy. I just wanted Tipsy for the name haha. And Ornaments Icicles Glitter Nail. 

I also did a swap with the lovely Cheryl from Legally Polished!
Here is the polishes she sent me:
I don't know all the names of these polishes but here is what I gathered from the bottles or online. If I couldn't find any information the name is in quotations.
Top Row:  The Face Shop BL604, Elianto Dark Purple (39) and Hot Pink (19).
Top Right Row: Etude House Dear Darling "07" and Etude House LUCIDarling Mocha Brown.
Middle Row Left: Etude House Petite Darling Heart Glitter Top Coat and "Mint Green".
Middle Row: Daboo "Glitter and Stars Top Coat", Sylvie 13, and Arezia "Orange" mini.
Bottom Left Row: Sasatinnie "Blue" and Suki 171.

She also sent me these candies and a cute note! Lychee flavored Hi-Chews, Preserved Orange Peel, Whistle candy, and candy covered chocolate that looks like rocks!
My favorite was the Hi-Chews. We get apple and grape in at the local Asian Mart, but not this flavor! Yum!
Thanks Cheryl for making my first swap really awesome :).

And Finally: Swatches! 

Chameleon Blue Sky, Blue Frost, and Calypso.

This is Blue Sky. One thing I noticed about these polishes is that they dry VERY quickly. So if you go over an area you just polished trying to even out, it will become streaky. This is 3 coats but if I had applied carefully I could have gotten away with 2. 

This is Blue Sky in the shade. You can see how it turns different colors in different light.

Here it looks more purple.

This is 3 coats of Blue Frost. I had the same issue with the application. I needed to put more polish on my brush so it wouldn't dry streaky.

This Color shines between silver, blue, and pink. It is surprisingly opaque. It does not look like it would be in the bottle.

Here you can see the slight pinkness.

This is Calypso. This is 4 coats and I found this one to be the most sheer. 

It shines between purple, blue, and green.

Here you can see how amazing the color change is!


  1. HI CHEW CANDIES ARE THE BESTTTTTTTTTT :) omg, more etude house? niiiiiiice :)

  2. Haha more polishes! Wow :) I'm curious about your collection, so I'm looking forward to your inventory-list :p And I'm curious how many percent your collection have grown the last month :p

  3. Katrina- HI CHEWS ARE SO GOOD :)))

    Swaafie- I just finished editing my polish list! It's at the top under "Polishes".
    Haha I will slow down next year. I'm trying to add all the big lemmings this year to my collection and just a few every once in a while :)

  4. I am so glad I found your blog because I have a couple of Chameleons sitting in my untrieds. I just didn't want to deal with sheer polish, and here you say it isn't! WOO HOO! I'll load up the brush when I do use them so that I don't have to go over bare spots and end up with drag, so thanks for that tip too!


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