Monday, December 27, 2010

NOTD: Patchwork Emerald

:) Sorry I haven't posted the last few days! I've been really busy with my boyfriend. I just came back from up north and I've finally settled in at home. We stopped at a few stores so I do have some new polishes to share with you guys soon!
For now: Revlon Top Speed Emerald. I accidentally bought two of these. 

I think this was one thick coat. I applied it very fast and sloppy.

Sorry for the awkward angle. This is the most color accurate picture. It's kind of a tealish green.

Close up. I used SV with this.

And since I wanted to make it more exciting I attempted one of Chloe's patchwork manis.

I used Revlon Emerald, China Glaze Phat Santa, and Milani Gold Glitz.

It's not perfect but you see why I love it? It was perfect for the holidays.

A close up.



  1. I love the color by itself and with the nail art!

  2. Amazing! I love the patchwork, and that gren colour is just... wow! I think it's about time I find some Revlon, they've made some pretty awesome greens :)

  3. That definitely was perfect for the holidays :D
    So pretty.

  4. love the patchwork!! and I wouldn't even call it sloppy, if you call that sloppy, i don't know what I would call my manicures lol :D

  5. Thanks everyone!

    :) Carissakuo- It's not sloppy sloppy, because I did manage to do cleanup with my brush. but I was in a major hurry and applied the base in about 10 minutes.

  6. I love Chloe's patchwork manis. They're on my to-do list for designs. Yours looks great!

  7. Beautiful!, I have to hunt that gorgeous Milani ^_^.


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