Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ulta Nail Polishes

I have a little place in my heart for Ulta Nail Polish. In my mind, I've always thought of store brand nail polishes are garbage. I'm not sure where exactly I came up with this. Maybe when I used to buy  gift sets made by CVS or whatever and it comes with really cheap peely nail polish. So, I was a bit weary to buy Ulta nail polish. Now I LOVE it! It's like a hidden gem for me. :)
Banana Rum in the Sun, Socialite, Moody Blues, Starstruck, and After Party.

This is 3 streaky coats of Banana Rum in the Sun. This formula was terrible and sheer. I had to use a top coat to even it out.

I love the color none the less. It's a very fun yellow creme with a hint of shimmer.

Here you can see the shimmer. I love how creamy it looks. Just like bananas. :)

This is 1 coat of Socialite. Yes, one creamy coat. 

The consistency and color of this polish reminds me of Essence Plum Perfect. I would say they could be dupes but I have to compare. 

This color is very shiny and didn't require top coat.

This is 2 coats of Moody Blues. The first coat was streaky but the second coat evened everything out.

Moody Blues is a very dark, opaque blue creme.

I LOVE this color. :) It compliments my skin tone very well.

This is 2 coats of Starstruck. It is a very opaque holographic silver glitter. I wore this over Moody Blues.

I bought this polish because of the name (its a song by 3OH3!) and also because it looked so amazing in the bottle. But since then, it's been rotting a hole in my helmer (not literally of course ;D).

A close up because it's just so lovely!

And a blurry picture so you can see the holo glitter goodness!

This is 1 coat of After Party over Wet N Wild Black Creme. This is a glitter with silver and red glitter bits in it. 

It's very unique in my humble opinion. I've never seen a red and silver glitter before so this is kind of exciting to me. The glitter itself has a holiday feel to it, in my mind anyway haha. :) I think someone compared this to "crushed candy canes".

Pretty, yes?

The only problem I have with the glitters is they tend to separate very quickly, especially Starstruck. Starstruck will separate with a cloudy silver base on top, and the glitter at the bottom. After Party only gets a thin layer of clear on top. I've never noticed this to be a problem, though. I've used Starstruck without shaking and never had a problem.

And in case you're excited about the China Glaze Tronica Collection-
I just called my local Beauty Supply this morning and reserved a set. :) I'm going to pick it up on Sunday. So, if there are no problems, reviews are soon to follow!


  1. I love Moody Blues. ITs a dead dupe for Orly La Playa!

    You got some awesome polishes and I love that glitter over the black, what a great idea.

  2. Socialite and After Party look totally awesome! Oh, Tronica is already out?!! Caaaan't wait for your swatches!

  3. @ Toesthattwinkle!- Thank you! I try to have a very diverse collection! :)

    Ulmiel- The China Glaze Tronica collection is coming out in January!


    haha but Ulta polishes are awesome! i only have like... 4 of em but they're great! :P

  5. Katrina- Tronica is a Beauty Supply Source exclusive. It's only available at CosmoProf and Sallys!

  6. Starstucks is very pretty!!! and creamy yellow too!! Only if theres ulta store here in vancouver. =( lucky you!! =)

  7. i love moody blues the best...but i also like the glitters :-)

  8. bannana rum in the sun is mi favorita <33 the color!!


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