Saturday, December 4, 2010

Zoya Wonderful Swatches

:) Today I have swatches from the Zoya Wonderful Set I bought on Black Friday
The only one in the set I didn't swatch was Kristi, which I've swatched earlier.
Cola, Burke, Stacy, Shivon, Shawn, and Kelly.

This is 3 coats of Cola. Cola kept trying to turn purplish on my camera, but it's very much a reddish brown. Cola applied pretty streaky. I thought this color would look really cool, but instead it just is very strange. I think it would be a good color to help in nail art, but I haven't warmed up to it for a full mani.

This color right now makes me say "Blurgghhhh". :P

This is 3 coats of Burke. It was opaque in 1 coat but was streaky. I noticed with these Zoyas they are opaque but get oddly streaky at the tops of my nails. I think this is a user issue, not the polish. I thought Burke was going to be like Kristi, but Burke is a bit more pinkish and not so blood red.

This color was hard to clean up too. :(

Here is Stacy. I loveeee this color. It is a deep, shiny burgendy color. I love that Stacy is a bit vampy but still pretty and not too harsh.

I had the same problem with tip streakiness so this is 3 coats.

This is my favorite of the group, Shivon. This is 2 coats, but now that I'm looking at the pictures I should have done 3. Shivon is a very pretty pink with an orange shimmer to it. This one applied well in my opinion.

It's very feminine. :)

This little olive gem is Shawn. Which by the way, I think is a good name for this polish. I used 2 coats because the first was streaky.

It's a perfect swampy green creme. :D

Last is Kelly. this is 2 coats and I really love it. It's a grey with a purplish base that makes it lovely against my skin tone.

This is a darker grey then another greys I have so I'm happy to add this to the collection. It's very pretty.

Overall, I had some issues with streakiness, but I feel it was mostly an issue with how I was applying.
How do you guys feel about Zoyas?


  1. Great pictures and nice swatches! I'm in love with Shawn and Kelly.. Gorgeous cremes <3

  2. I want to be friends with Stacy and Kelly :)
    Did you use any topcoat for these, they are nice and shiny!

  3. Thanks!
    Loodie- No I didn't use any topcoat. :)

  4. I love Kelly! Wish they had Black Friday here :(

  5. Shawn is by far my favorite! What a great green :)

  6. Omg, Shawn looks amazing! *want* :P

  7. Kelly got my attention the first time I saw it, looks gorgeous on you! love it.


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