Friday, January 28, 2011

Franken Friday: Nameless Frankens

:) I have another busy day of work ahead of me, so the winner with be announced Monday! When I'm finally off!
Today I have two frankens that I made a while ago and just set them to the side. I usually like to make frankens in themed groups (because I'm campy like that) but sometimes I make random polishes that don't go with anything.
This is 4 coats of my first franken.

This one turned out to be a champagne holographic polish. 

It's very pretty in real life. Sorry for the lack of clean up. 

This one is a bit holographic. :)

This is 2 coats of my second franken over my first franken. :)

This franken has green glitter and pink string glitter.

It's kind of clowny to me :).

So, any name suggestions?



  1. it looks like champagne so... 'happy new year'?
    the second one... 'merry days'?
    i'm not good in this game :-p
    but both polishes looks nice :-)

  2. For the first one - Since it looks champagne i'm thinking "Cheers!" or "Buy me a drink"
    For the second one- "Party in a bottle" or "A Clubbing we will go"

    Haha! I know its sorta lame =P Forgive me for that.. Nice frankens though =)

  3. First one- Bit of Bubbly and the glitter reminds me of Mardi Gras.

  4. the first franken is really pretty soch a soft gorgeus champagn colour

  5. Melina and I must share one mind because I immediately thought "bubbly" and "Mardi Gras" when I saw them.

  6. I like the clowny one.. I really want a clowny glitter but I don't have one :/ I'm very bad with thinking up names, so I don't know :/

  7. Thanks everyone! I'll update you guys on which name I picked!

  8. I like your franken, i should start doing some too!

  9. It looks like the one of Barry M, Once upon a Lifetime, but your it's prettier!



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