Saturday, January 8, 2011

Love & Beauty: Swatches

Today's post is all about Forever 21's nail polish line, Love & Beauty. I've heard these are made and produced by the same company that makes LA Girl. I don't own any LA Girl polishes myself, but I've heard they're the same polish but the Forever 21 line is cheaper.
Peach, Taupe, White, and Royal.
You'll notice they're outrageously creative with the names. *Rolls eyes*

This is 3 coats of Peach. It was more opaque than I thought it would be but it was streaky so I used a top coat.

In case you hadn't noticed, this color is not peach. It's a very light pink that almost looks white.

This is a very soft pink. I love pinks, but I feel like soft pinks end up feeling awkward on me. Like I need to be more innocent to wear this.

Does anyone else think of Nina from the Black Swan when they see this color?

This is 3 coats of Taupe. It was streaky too.

This color I would I describe as a nude beige, not a taupe. It's a strange neutral but I kind of like it.

reminds me of Khaki pants.

This is 1 coat of White over Wet N Wild Black Creme. I really like this polish. It has a pearl shimmer with glitter.

It almost looks metallic.

This polish was fun and for under 2 dollars, you shouldn't pass on it! :)

This is 2 coats of Royal. It's sheer but it has a really cool finish.

It has a blue shimmer that instantly reminded me of OPI DS Magic.

It's very lovely.

So I had to compare them! You'll notice right away- uh, way different colorwise. But I wasn't giving up there. I know the DS polishes can be somewhat hard to find and they also cost twice as much. So, I wanted to see if this was still a close call for DS Magic.

This is 2 coats of each.
DS Magic, Royal, DS Magic, Royal.
You'll notice right away, DS Magic is definitely lighter than Royal. DS Magic looks like it has more purple in it while Royal has more green to it.

Here you can see that they have similar shimmery formulas, only DS Magic reflects more light and some purple.
So, in my opinion, Royal is a less expensive cousin to DS Magic. Royal is not a dupe and it's worth having if you have (or if you don't!) DS Magic. I find DS Magic to be slightly more interesting. 


  1. My favourite of the bunch is definitely Royal!

  2. I love Royal! Really pretty!

  3. what top coat are you using? it makes the polishes pop!

  4. Thanks ladies!

    Shortwidenails- I think I only used TC on Peach. But I probably used Seche Vite or Poshe. Something quick drying and easy to grab!

  5. <3333 the peach & taupe especially!!

  6. I love LA Girl polishes, and when I saw the line of polish F21 carried, the bottle and colours reminded me of LA Girl's. I can say for sure that Love & Beauty's Olive is exactly the aame as LA Girl's Antique Gold.
    Now that I know there are from the same manufacturer, I'd much get Love & Beauty. It's half the price of LA Girl (here in Singapore at least)


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