Friday, January 21, 2011

Milani: One Coat Glitter and Jewel FX Swatches

I want to thank the ladies who wished me well yesterday :). And also, thanks for everyones suggestions for polish combinations to try with my Jesse's Girl polishes.
Today I'm showing you some of the Milanis that came out around Christmas time. I know I'm super late on these and I still have some other Holiday polishes to show you guys. -_-
None the less, these polishes are AWESOME!
I used Seche Vite Top Coat for all of these swatches.
Gold Glitz, Blush Flash, Purple Gleam, Red Sparkle, Silver Dazzle, Gold, and Gems.

This is 1 coats of Gold Glitz.

Gold Glitz has a thick and gritty formula that makes for great coverage. It's an opaque gold glitter.

I could have used another layer of top coat.

This is 2 coats of Blue Flash.

Blue Flash is a vibrant blue glitter. 

It has the same gritty formula as Gold Glitz and it ate my top coat :(.

This is 2 coats of Purple Gleam.

This is an amazing purple glitter polish. I love this one with my skin tone.

Same formula. This one reacted a little better to the top coat.

This is 2 coats of Red Sparkle.

This one took a while to get my hands on. I found all of these polishes in the middle of December, except this one. It was all gone at the store I went to and I didn't even realize I didn't have it until a few days later. Finally, around January it popped up at another CVS. Red Sparkle is the perfect red "Vegas" glitter to me. It just says Show Girl (or hooker) to me. :P

It's a vibrant red that was perfect for Christmas too.

This is 1 coat of Silver Dazzle.

Silver Dazzle is a charcoal grey polish with silver sparkles to it. 

It reminds me of these coal shaped bath bombs they used to sell at LUSH during the holidays. 

This is 2 thick coats of Gold. Sorry for the awkward hand :P.

I wore 2 coats of Gold over Milani 3D because I didn't want bald spots. Gold is a polish with big, chunky gold hexagon glitter that looks like craft glitter.

See how large the hex glitter is? I tried to franken something like this once but the glitter melted. :(

This is 2 coats of Gems over Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud.

This is a lot of talk about this one. It's supposed to be a close dupe to Happy Birthday but without pink glitter. But now, there are new versions of Gems popping up WITH pink glitter. It's kind of crazy. My Gems doesn't have pink glitter but it has other fun colors :).

Looks like Christmas Cookies!

I hope I didn't put you to sleep with these swatches. :)


  1. ahh they're so awesome. everytime i see swatches of them i want them more. after i'm done with the swaps im doing now i really want to swap for those

  2. I love Gems! Which is good, since I'm currently in the process of swapping for it...

  3. Wow, I love Gems. Looks like dupe to China Glaze Party Hearty. This nail polish will be on my wishlist. Thanks for swatches :)


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