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Nail Care: Cuticle Oil (Edited For More Products (4/4/11)

The next step in my mani routine after I've painted my nails is using cuticle oil.
Everyone has their opinions and preferences when it comes to cuticle oils and cuticle creams. Once again, I'm just showing you what works and doesn't work for this little lady.
These are all the cuticle treatments I own.

This is CND Solar Oil. This is always sold out at my local beauty store. I've recently started using it after I ran out of cuticle oil. This is wonderful! It smells heavily of sweet almond oil, which I love and a lot of people can't stand. I think this is most of the reason why my cuticles look so fancy. :) 

This is China Glaze Peppermint Cuticle Oil. I hate this stuff. I've used it once and it turned my cuticles red! I really dislike cuticle oils (or anything) with mineral oil. If you know anything about skin products, or what is good for your skin, mineral oil is something you want to avoid. It can over dry your skin and make it very irritated. I try to treat my cuticles like I treat my skin, so this stuff just does not work for me. I can't think of any products with mineral oil that work for me, and I noticed right away this product disagreed with me.

This is OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go. This is one of the cuticle treatments that floats around in my purse. This one is okay, I use it when I'm on the go and need some quick moisture to my cuticles. I like that it's a gel that's easy to control.

I like the brush on it. It's very soft and lovely. This product comes out very fast so be careful!

This is E.L.F. Nourishing Cuticle Pen. This one I only use when I need cuticle oil on the go but don't have time to let it soak in. Only a tiny bit comes out, so if I'm doing something else it's nice to not having oil flinging everywhere.

It has a pen like tip. The tip itself is pretty hard so I only use it on occasion. 

Could we talk about cuticles without talking about this bad boy? This is Lush Lemony Flutter. Do you like my writing on this sample? I tried to make it look like the writing on the real container :p. I have a big boy container of this stuff, but I've been using up this sample for a few months now. This stuff is amazing at taking care of your cuticles.

I still have a lot left! :)

Finally, this is OPI Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Replenishing Oil. I can't see myself using this all over my hands but okay. This is the first cuticle oil I ever used and I love it quite a bit. I think it works really well but it's just a little too oily to use frequently. 

This one comes with a brush. The last one I had came with a dropper and it made using it a lot harder.

So this is how I take care of my cuticles:
1) Apply Solar Oil. Let soak in.
2) Apply Lush Lemony Flutter. Let soak in.

And that's it! I do this probably 2-4 (depending on how busy I am) times a day. I try to do it once in the morning, and 2 times at night. I'm kind of obsessive about my cuticles. :)

My Cuticle Care Routine has changed a little since this post. It didn't make sense to keep it this way! Instead, I'm adding more product information.

This is something I picked up a while ago on sale. It's Poshe Anti-microbial Cuticle Oil. This is perfect if you have cuts on your cuticles and you want to moisturize without getting your cuts infected or irritated. I recently had someone cut my cuticles (OUCH) and pulled this out. It has been working perfectly. I don't find it as moisturizing as other creams or oils I use, so I only pull it out for special times, like now.

And how crazy is this? It has a dropper! It's kind of cool packaging but very impractical.

This is Qtica Cuticle Repair Balm. This might be... my holy grail of cuticle creams. This stuff works like a charm! It's rather thick. I would compare the consistency to a thick, thick balm. Maybe like petroleum jelly without the jelly texture- if that makes sense. This has kept my cuticles looking GREAT.

The smell is a bit funny. It smells like cold cream. It reminds me of my granny.

This is a new cuticle stick I bought recently. Cuccio Cuticle Conditioning Butter Stick is perfect for on the go. It's moisturizing but I just don't feel it compares to my Qtica balm. I love this for in my purse.

Cuccio Butter Blends are becoming my favorite lotions as well. They're spreadable enough to feel like a lotion but rich enough where you get the moisture of a body butter.

How I currently take care of my cuticles:
Qtica Balm in the morning and at night.
Lush Lemony Flutter throughout the day.


  1. wow! nice review!
    i have the peppermint cuticle oil just for the smell:D yet to use it. My Lemony Flutter expires later this year and I just got it, the full sized! HAHA
    and the ELF pen is nice to use, but only temporary relief :)
    Solar Oil is hard to get here in Singapore and also very expensive!!

  2. Hey! I subscribed to your blog, can you follow me back??

  3. I wanted to buy the peppermint cuticle oil but now im glad I didnt!

  4. Great review!
    Solar Oil its my must have for last 3 years. I adore )))
    Also I really like CG Orange Cuticle Oil (there is no mineral oil in it)

  5. I absolutely, positively agree with you on the Solar Oil topped with Lemony Flutter. An IDEAL way to end the day just before you jump into bed.

    For during the day I like to top my Solar Oil off with Lush Smitten. They're both almondy and compliment each other scrumptiously ;-)

    I have reviews of Solar Oil and Smitten on my blog if you wanted to see what I think of them.

    (The Solar Oil post is rather looooong. I have profound unshakeable love for Solar Oil. Haha!)

    Nice round up of cuticle treatments. I'll have to give the Avoplex 'to go' a try. I never realised it had a brush on the end.


    Clever Rabbit Beauty Blog
    Polish. Potions. Whatever.

    Follow me on twitter: @Clever_Rabbit

  6. Jaime K- I would try to swap for this solar oil! It is amazing!!

    CleverRabbit- I've read your review on Solar Oil!
    I've never tried Lush smitten!

  7. Your cuticle regimen is very similar to my own. I use both cuticle cream and oil several times a day. It's all about moisture!

  8. Hi, I really love how you have so many products reviewed! Thanks so much! And I really hope you can help me out here.

    I just recently stopped biting my nails and am new to all these nail care routines. (I've been biting my nails since I was 6? I'm 22 now..) I've read that it's impossible to have the nail plate reattach to the nail bed, but some have recommended using solaroil as it softens the nail bed and encourages regrowth and repair of the nail bed. I then went on to research a little bit and have read mixed reviews about it.

    I'm not looking for a product that cares for my cuticles. But more of something that will help my nail reattach to the nail bed. So I really hope you can help me here!

    Thank you so much! :)

    - Sylvia

    1. There is a product called Nail Fresh. It is a natural Deep cleanser and temporary dehydrator. It draws out moisture, oil and contaminants from the tiny space between the natural nail plate to help prevent lifting. The nail plate is left clean and ready for product application. Its made by Creative Nail.I am a licensed Cosmotologist and bought it some time ago at the supply house.

  9. I really love your blog.Shall i share it in my fb.

  10. Nail care cuticle oil is shown on the post here. Have a look at it

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