Thursday, January 13, 2011

Quick Haul Post

Just to show you what you'll be seeing soon on my blog. :)

New Jesse's Girls and Oke Doke polishes.

Petites Color Fever polishes.

:) A little RiteAid haul to hold you over, I hope. I'm really excited to share all of these with you guys. They're AMAZING!


  1. What an amazing haul!
    Can't wait to see them!

  2. Nice haul! I'm very curious for some swatches :)

  3. Oh those Oke Doke polishes look really attractive for sure!! I'll be waiting for those ones on your nails for sure :)

  4. i can't pick one, they all look gorgeous!!! All of them!!!

  5. I was just watching those Jesse's girl polishes on youtube at JulieG because they named one polish after her and she shows a lot of colors in her video. :D

    Great haul! :)


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