Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sally Hansen: Magical Swatches

Thanks to everyone who has entered my 50th follower giveaway, which ended last night. I will be checking into blog posts and calculating the results soon.
Here are some things I've purchased recently:
Ornaments Hot Pink and Green Hex Glitter, Studio M Slamming Red, Revlon Royal, and Milani Red Sparkle.
Gelous Advanced Nail Gel Coat, Orly Primetime, Polished, Bonder, and 4 random polishes made by studio M. Most of these have already been used for frankens. The 2 on the right where used for Friday's frankens.

This is a whole lot of stuff I've used or plan on using for frankens.
NDB Hazel, Hazel, Jade Volcanic Lava, and Volcanic Lava.
NDB Fatigue, Sation Sandy Glo, Tropical Manicure 56, and Jade Snow White.

On to the good stuff..
These are the Sally Hansen Magic Nail Polishes. These are long discontinued but I bought these on eBay for 5 dollars each. I often wonder where these come from. Is someone hording old discontinued polishes in their basement until the moment is just right, 10 years later? Anyway...
Crystal Ball, Fairy Dust Pink, Copper Cauldron, and Mystical Mandarin.

Yum. This is 3 coats of Crystal Ball.

I go crazy for holographics and this is the most holoy silver I own. This is a linear holo that is amazing.

But... This polish was a pain to apply. Was it worth it? Absolutely. But it was very streaky as some holos tend to be. If I ever make up my mind to purchase Nfu Oh Aqua Base Coat I'll try it with this polish and see if it improves.

I want to take this polish to a rave and dance in the cage with it. This polish deserves special treatment.

This is 2 coats of Fairy Dust Pink.

There was some separation in the polish, probably from age, which looked strange when applying it. I worried it would dry that way- but it didn't show at all. 

This polish was a lot less streaky that Crystal Ball. Look at my nails. They look like they're on FIRE!

This pink holo is awesome.

This is 1 careful coat of Copper Cauldron.

This polish is a browny pink holo.

I think this one is less holographic than the first two but it is still holographic. I would compare Crystal Ball and Fairy Dust Pink to Nfu Oh holographic while this one is comparable to China Glaze OMG holographics.

Pretty holographic, huh?

This is 2 coats of Mystical Mandarin.

This is definitely not a "mandarin" color. It's a dark pink holographic polish.

This is a bit more holographic than Copper Cauldron. Sorry I forgot to make a close up of this one!!

I feel pretty lucky I bought these when I did. I saw a full set of these polishes go for 70 dollars. Ouch.
:) What do you guys think? 
Personally- I think we should try and get Sally Hansen to remake these!


  1. I have Mystical Mandarin myself and it is definitely not orange! I think Sally Hansen doesn't know what mandarin oranges are, because I also own "Mandarin Garnet" and it is not orange either.. XD

    I actually tried to apply Mystical Mandarin last night and the streaky-ness really got me down. It only made it part-way onto my thumb nail before going back in my Helmer. I wish I had Crystal Ball!

    I have one Magic Polish and it is seriouly one of my favorites! yours are beautiful!

  3. The first one is awesome.
    I like them!!

  4. Nice haul and swatches. I like all holos, but Fairy Dust Pink is my favourite =)

  5. Wow! They are very holo! I loooove holos so of course I like these!
    Great buy!

  6. I absolutely love those holos!

  7. Awesome!!! I wish I would have gotten some when I had a chance.

  8. Pretty holos!
    I tagged you with the Stylish Blogger Award :)

  9. Could you point me in the direction of some good silver holos that I can get a hold of online? Ebay, whatever I don't mind. I tried to get OPI SRO but failed :-(


    Clever Rabbit Beauty Blog
    Polish. Potions. Whatever.

    Follow me on twitter: @Clever_Rabbit

    1. I realize it has been close to three years since you commented here. But if you're still looking, a ton of companies brought out holographic polish this year and it is really easy to get your hands on. Color Club's holos don't need a special base or anything and are really easy to find online.

  10. *droool* I looove your holos! So jealous!

    Have you tried applying holos over a matte top coat (used as a base coat, obviously)? I heard about it on the nb and I tried it with OMG the other day: heaven! It applied sooo perfectly it was awesome. And instead of needing 3 coats I only needed 2. =)

  11. Wow these are amazing! *falls in love*
    I didn't even know this series existed, thanks for sharing these :D

  12. amazing... these sally hansen polishes are to gorgeous... especialy crystal ball and fairy dust pink :-)

  13. You nailed it- No, these are long discontinued.

    CleverRabbit- I found all of these on eBay. I had to ask the seller specifically for Crystal Ball. These have been floating around on eBay so that's a good place to start. Sorry, I can't be of much help- I'm pretty lucky I got this one myself.

    nonailstoday- I have actually heard of using Matte TC for a BC. :) I didn't try it with these because these I swatched some time ago.

    Thanks ladies!

  14. Wow, such amazing holos! *drool*
    I love all of them and can't even decide, which one looks the best to me. VERY PRETTY! =))

  15. I am looking for bottles of NDB nail polish, color #56 Oleander.

    If anyone know from where I can buy this brand and color, please e-mail me at .Many thanks.

  16. Hello, love these holos. How do they compare to other holos? I have some of china glaze OMG and opi ds line. Some look similar to OMG and others to the DS. I have two nfu oh's too but I really don't see all the hype about them is justified.

  17. I found them at the goodwill thrift store $1.99 each I thought oh I can try it... I bought one! One!!!!! I should have bought them all! I got the fairy dust pink... My favorite polish of all time!! Do mad I didn't get them all!

  18. Goodwill??!! That's awesome! Did you go back to see if they were still there?

  19. remake these! yes thats also my thinking!!!
    i love this polishes from sally hansen

  20. i have the purple sally hansen magical nail makeup at home and it dries in 20 seconds and really only needs one coat to make it look amazing


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