Sunday, January 23, 2011

Studio M: Swatches

:) Today I'm going to a Bridal Shower for a dear friend of mine. I've never been to a Bridal Shower so this should be interesting. :)
Today I have some random Studio M swatches for you. A few of these I found in clearance for less than a dollar after the holiday season. 
Sleigh Bells, Fast Play, Slamming Red, and Purple Medallion.

This is 1 coat of Sleigh Bells.

Sleigh Bells is a very silvery and opaque foil polish. Nothing terribly unique but it has a good formula.

It seems lighter than other silver foils I have but I'm not sure.

This is 1 coat of Fast Play over Sally Hansen Surely Ivory. 

Fast Play has glitter that shines gold and purplish blue. The polish itself has a blue base. It's a really cool glitter but it's very think, like a lot of my studio M polishes.

Yuckkk in close up it looks gross. :(

This is 1 coat of Slamming Red.

Slamming Red is very thick. It's like elmer's glue with glitter. This polish has a redish purple base with holographic glitter. The consistency dried the to the gritty finish that most thick glitters dry to. I could have evened it up with top coat, but I wanted you guys to see how gritty this one was.

I was lemming after this one for a while, but the formula is very thick.

This is 2 coats of Purple Medallion.

Purple Medallion is very similar to Slamming Red but it has a darker and thinner base than Slamming Red. The base is also more purplish while Slamming Red had a red base. This one also had the holographic glitter.

I also noticed this one was shinier. :)
Frazzle and Anipolish also did a really good comparison of these polishes!

I don't know if Studio M is sold anywhere else besides Meijer's which is only located in the Midwest. If anyone knows where else they are sold- please, do tell!


  1. Purple medallion is gorgeous! I don't think they are sold here in Canada...

  2. Fey- Sorry to hear that :(.

    Rock-or-not- thank you!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I would love to have a few from this line myself. Sadly, I have been unable to find it anywhere in my area. (no rite aid stores) There is a green with a pink/purpley looking flash that I would love to see swatches of if you have it. I wish I knew the name of it, but I cannot remember. =/ Anywho, thanks for an awesome blog, I read through the whole thing back to your first post. Definitely captivating!

  4. Jen- I've never seen these at RiteAids, I've only seen them at Meijers! :) Thanks so much for reading my blog! I don't think I have a studio M polish like that but if I buy one that's like that I'll be sure to swatch it for you!


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