Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Swatches: OPI & Glitters!

Thanks to everyone who has already entered my second giveaway! :)
Tomorrow's post will be a post about my mani routine. Today's post is just some random polishes I had laying around and decided to group them together. :)

OPI Off With Her Red!, Pure Ice Spit Fire, OPI Yodel Me On My Cell, and Ornaments no name multi colored glitter polish. We'll call this last one "Multi Hex".

This is 2 coats of Off With Her Red!. It's an orange based red creme.

I thought this was a unique red at the time I bought it. I'm used to seeing blue based reds. But I really don't like orange based reds so now I'm questioning this purchase haha.

It looks super orange here. It's not for me, but it's still a nice color. 

It was very shiny.

This is 2 coats of Pure Ice Spit Fire over OWHR!. This is a holographic glitter in a mauve base.

I love this polish. It's my secret topper to make any polish more bearable. 

I think this polish had a very foul smell. Well, foul for nail polish. All nail polish smells funky :).

A close up to see the holoy glitter goodness.

This is 2 coats of OPI Yodel Me On My Cell. I should have used 3 coats. The visible nail line here is killing me. The 1st coat was super streaky but the 2nd was much better. This polish is a teal blue shimmer. 

The polish looks much more opaque from this angle so maybe a 3rd coat isn't necessary. 

This polish is very pretty but I don't think I was crazy about the formula.

This is 2 coats of Ornaments "Multi Hex" over YMOMC. I love this combination. It looks like birthday cake or something.

This is a very interesting glitter. I don't mind that it's not very opaque because it makes the polish underneath it look like it's been dusted with sprinkles. 

I actually own quite a few of the glitter's from this collection. They were on sale at Mejier's the other day for 74 cents! 

I love the colors in this glitter!



  1. i like the red with glitter. Looks very cute!

  2. Love the ICE glitter!!! How long ago did you buy it? Wonder if I can still get it...

  3. Spitfire over that red looks great!

    My Meijer sold out of those glitters early; I'm glad I grabbed them when I did. I really like the multi one; think it will look good over tons of different colors.

  4. What great polishes! I just used Yodel Me on My Cell because I had forgotten I had it and it caught my eye. It really is so beautiful! Great post!

  5. could u wear the pure ice alone or would it need like 7 coats to be opaque?

  6. Fey- I bought this polish in the middle of December. I think this polish should still be available. I've seen in at my Walmart.

    Shortwidenails- I haven't tried it but it's pretty opaque. Maybe it 4 coats it could be worn alone.

  7. I like the blue with glitters!!! the red is looks hot.


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