Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wet N Wild: Fast Dry Swatches Part I

Hey Everyone! I went out looking yesterday for the rest of the Anchors Away collection and I couldn't find it. I also couldn't find the Katy Perry collection. I did find these goodies though!
I got The Look Set (CND Urban Oasis and Teal Sparkle) for $7!
I also found these Zoyas on sale for $2.45 each! (Alegra, Mimi, and Charla).
I was pretty excited about these but I was still disappointed I didn't find any new collections!

Any way, I want to show you the first part of my Wet N Wild Fast Dry Swatches. Since there were 19 polishes in this collection, I've broken it into 4 parts. I'm going to apologize for all my swatches now. I was really shaky and tired.
Everybody Loves Redmond,, The Gold & The Beautiful, The Wonder Yellow, and Sage In The City.
LOL! I love these names. I think they're hilarious and cute.

This is 2 coats of Everybody Loves Redmond.

This polish is an orange based red jelly-creme.

It looks very shiny like plastic, yeah?

It's very orangey and just slightly a red.

This is 3 coats of

This polish is a orange polish with gold-orange shimmer to it.

I'm torn on if I like this color or not. It's very pretty but I'm just not a fan of orange.

I don't know why I sucked at painting my nails yesterday. -_-

This is 4 coats of the Gold & The Beautiful.

It actually doesn't look so terrible here just it is very, very sheer.

Ugh. Why is this color so terrible? It's a sick urine gold polish.

The application for this polish really was horrendous.

This is 2 coats of The Wonder Yellow. I couldn't bear anymore -_-.

Ick. This polish is a frosty, pearly urine yellow.

On me, this looks so funny! 


This is 2 coats of Sage In The City.

I actually like this one. It's a frosty,grassy green.

It really reminds me grass. Or a safari color. :)


All in all, I didn't like most of the polishes in this first set- mostly because I don't like yellows and oranges. It's a matter of opinion, yes. Most of these polishes are VERY sheer and would probably look best over a nude polish, which I will have to try at another time. 
The new Fast Dry's have wider brushes, which I liked but some of them had some wonky hairs I had to pull out. 


  1. Haha these are probably going to be my favourite part of the collection.. I looove oranges, yellows and bright greens :) But I don't like frosty, but I don't think they look that frosty..

  2. I picked up only a few of these WnW's so far but they're so cheap I'll probably get most of them eventually.

  3. I'll pass on these ones. I'm not crazy about yellow, orange, or green. And somehow, I think I still have a near dupe for each of them.

  4. I like the red one and the green one, but I'm not a fan of the others!

  5. What pretty colors! I love the wet n wilds new bottle. $2.45 for zoyas! crazy lucky.

  6. I envy you ... CND Look Set ... and for fantastic price. *sigh*
    Zoya that costs less than 3 USD ... I live in the wrong country. :D

  7. I like only Everybody Loves Redmond.
    And yes, Zoyas for $2.45? By us they are like 14€ (18 USD).

  8. Okay where did you get the Zoyas? I haven't found any in stores anywhere!!

  9. Taya- This is very cheap for Zoyas even for us. That's why I was so excited. Most of the time they're $8. I can find a lot of them for $4.

    Megweno- I got my Zoyas from a local beauty supply. I'm an Esthetician so I get professional pricing. :) Ulta also sells zoya!


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