Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wet N Wild: Fast Dry Swatches Part III

Today continues the Wet N Wild Fast Dry Swatches. This and the last set has my favorite colors in it, so I hope you guys like these as much as I do. And once again, I was in a hurry when swatching these so I'm sorry they're messier than usual.

Teal Of Fortune, Saved By The Blue, Buffy The Violet Slayer, FuchsiaRama, and Hannah Pinktana.

This is 2 coats of Teal Of Fortune. I applied this a bit messy so I think it looks much better in real life.

This is a glass flecked blue that you might notice looks very similar to Zoya Charla or Essence Choose me or insert any other dupe for these colors. Since I just bought Zoya Charla I will compare them soon but I think they're dupes.

This is how it really looked when I wore it. Sometimes pictures make polish look streaky, spotty and more see through than it actually is and I think this is accurate. I've heard Charla and it's dupes can be staining, and I didn't wear this long enough to test if it would turn my nails blue.

I think this is awesome. You can have a Charla dupe for $1.99! Or if you catch the Walgreen's sale- $0.99!

This is 2 coats of Saved By The Blue. This color is perrrrrrrfect.

This is a very opaque, electric blue shimmer. I love this polish.

For some reason I see this blue and I think SUPER HERO. :)

For me, this is a must have.

This is 2 coats of Buffy The Violet Slayer.

This color is also very opaque. It's a deep purple shimmer.

I love this polish! This is another must have for me. :)


This is 2 coats of FuchsiaRama.

This is a fuchsia pink polish that dried with a neon finish.

It almost had a plastic like finish but I stared at it for a while and decided it was close to a neon finish. It reminded me a lot of the same finish of the hot pink snowman.

I thought this color was pretty but the weird finish threw my off. It would have been fine with top coat.

This is 3 coats of Hannah Pinktana.

This is a purple polish with holographic glitter spread through out it. It's the purple version of Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire.

It's pretty but see through and had the consistency of craft glue. I think this might be good for layering.


I love most of the colors in this set and think they're all such a great deal for a very cheap price. Since tomorrow is Franken Friday, I will finish this set on Saturday. The last set also has some great polishes in it. 


  1. I think super hero when I see that blue one too :) Aaah, I think these are very NICE!

  2. wow ;) i think Hannah Pinktana is the best of them *o* I love all pink nail polishe's hihi ;)
    and this one is just too cute for me xD

  3. oh boy, the first three colors are... divine :-)

  4. I looooove the blue and the purple. Especially the blue. It's gorgeousss.

  5. Saved By The Blue and Buffy The Violet Slayer would be my choise.

  6. Oh my, Saved By The Blue is just perfect, like you said!!
    Well the other ones are great too, but this one is to die for. It's funny because I have only had bad experiences with Wet'n'Wild polishes until now, maybe someday one of them will make me change my mind?

  7. Aargh I HATE it that Wet 'n Wild isn't sold in my country anymore D: I want Teal of Fortune!

  8. Thanks everyone
    Lolaa- The wet N wilds I've used I've loved. There's only a few I've ever had a problem with!

    Linda- I'm sorry!!

  9. I didn't get Buffy, I so SHOULD have!


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