Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wet N Wild: Fast Dry Swatches Part IV

:) Today is the last part of the Wet N Wild Fast Dry series. 
I had a unusually rough day at work yesterday, and I woke up today with all intention of making today's work day- 100 times better. So, right now I'm in a fabulous mood.
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How I Met Your Magenta, Party Of Five Glitters, Silvivor, and Ebony Hates Chris.

This is 2 coats of How I Met Your Magenta.

This is a hot pink shimmer polish that dried with a semi matte finish. 

It almost dried like a neon but it was a little shinier.

I love a hot pink polish so the more the merrier :).

This is 2 coats of Party Of Five Glitters over How I Met Your Magenta.

This is a multi colored glitter polish. It looks like theres silver, green, pink, red and blue in there. It's supposed to be a good dupe for Happy Birthday. Which is not bad for less than 2 dollars.

I think I need to pour some of the clear out so I can have a more opaque polish. Everyone probably think's I'm crazy to do this- but it works for me.

I've seen other swatches of this polish over black, and I think I like it best that way. I wanted to try it over HIMYM and this looks cool too.

This is 2 coats of Silvivor. 

Just a silver foil, nothing terribly special here.

It's very foily. But You know.


Two things here- I painted my nails like crap with this polish AND My camera hates black polish. It tries to make everything super bright. This is 1 coat of Ebony Hates Chris.

It's hard to tell here, but this polish is a green based black creme. I think Wet N Wild Black Creme is blue based.

I think China Glaze Liquid Leather is a green based blue and I feel the tone of these are very similar. Liquid Leather is a jelly but the colors are similar.

It looks like pleather here. :)

I think this collection has some winners in it and Wet N Wild did a good job over all. Party of Five Glitters is such an awesome polish that I'm really excited about it. I try to let the pictures speak for themselves so I hope you guys found something you liked too.


  1. :) Great swatches.
    I have Party of Five Glitters and Gray's Anatomy sitting here next to me. After seeing your post I see I also need Silvivor.

  2. prefer the last one!
    girls check my blog please

  3. Nice swatches.
    I like this silver the most.

  4. i love the pink and the black!!!! :)

  5. Thanks so much for these swatches. I think I need to go back and get the pink and black :D

  6. Thanks ladies! Hope you enjoyed the swatches!

  7. How the heck do you pour the clear polish out to make the glitter polish more opaque??

  8. how can you pour the clear out of a polish?


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