Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Between Two Helmers: My Stash (VERY Picture Heavy)

Do you guys ever watch "Between Two Ferns?" 
It's a secret love of mine. But anyway.. on to the stash.
This is where the magic happens...

So, Inspired by The PolishAholic to go ahead and try organizing my stash by color. I have no idea if I like this yet but It gave me an idea of what my stash is made up of.

The holographics.

The blues.

The purples.

The pinks.

The Greens.

The reds.

The browns.

The oranges.

The whites.

The nude stuff.
The greys.

The silvers.

The golds.

The yellows.

The blacks.

Flakies and glitters that didn't fit with any color.

And I put these all back in helmer #1. But what's in helmer #2, you ask?
Drawer 1:
It basically has a bunch of nail art stuff: rhinestones, stickers, etc.

Drawer 2:
This drawer has all my top coats (right) and basecoats (left). I also store my nail art wheels in this drawer.

Drawer 3:
This drawer has nail files and nail treatments. 

Drawer 4:
This drawer has all my untried polishes in it. :P Sneak preview!

Drawer 5:
This is the franken drawer. It has my frankens and a lot of glitter in it. :)

Drawer 6:
This is my extras drawer. I keep all my extra polishes and things I throw in swaps in here.

I also have this. Please excuse how messy my room is at this moment. Haha.

This only has one drawer used for nail stuff. I keep my paints, spoons, and orange sticks in here. I suspect that when my helmer gets more full.. I will be moving stuff into this one.

I swatch like crazy in my free time. I used to go throw bags of cotton rounds and cotton balls. Now I use this. So much better.

This is what my desk looks like most of the time. I have polishes out I plan to swatch soon and also polishes I need to enter in my inventory.
You'll also note that I keep my Lemony Flutter and Solar Oil on my desk. I want it handy at all times.

This is my "nail station." Also very messy right now. But I wanted to show a realistic scenario of how I work.
There is a lot of franken stuff out because I am always messing around with frankens. I don't know if you can see it here- but I've used up half of Revlon Belle already. There's also stamping stuff, remover, and thinner. See that old ID card? I use that to scrape my nail plates. 

I think that's it.
Oh, and you need to be comfy when you blog, right?


  1. Lovely stash!!

  2. yay for organization! awesome stash!

  3. I nearly died when I saw your holo collection. Colour me jealous, lol.

  4. wow u have a great stash!! of nail colors!! and a LOt!!

  5. You have so many bottles of polish! So envious of your holo collection haha.

  6. Hi Rachel! I have two questions. 1. What brand are the circled polishes? I love the bottles and want to use them for frankens! Haha. :) 2. What brand of glitter have you had the best experience with when making your frankens? Thanks!

  7. You have a great stash! So many blues :) I also love your slippers!

  8. Great stash love your set up! The slipper are freaking CUTE!! I love Hello Kitty!!!!

  9. Huuge stash! haha.. And nice organising! I'm curious.. How big was your collection when you started blogging in october? I have a feeling you've been hauling a lot since? haha

  10. omg! so many polishes!!
    my collection is so poor!!!!

  11. Omg..your stash is enormous :D lucky you!

  12. OMG, I'm going to rob your holographic polishes =).
    Nice stash and organisation =)

  13. omg... it's a heaven to nail polish addict :-D
    i love hallo kitty slippers :-)
    how many nail polishes do you have, do you know?

  14. Jenna- Those are Studio M polishes. They're available in Meijers and I don't think anywhere else. So far, I've had REALLY good experience with the glitter from the Hobby Lobby. No melting at all.

    Swaafie-I do remember when I came back from Vegas in November that I could fit all of my polishes in one drawer of my helmer except one tiny Inglot in the second drawer haha. Yes, I've been hauling a lot and having a lot of fun. I'm a bargain hunter and I love a good deal.

    Nail Crazy- I have about 670 polishes. That's with frankens but not including extras. :)

    Thanks everyone!

  15. Ahhh omg you're stash has gotten so big!! Love the idea of separating them into colors. Mine are just kind of placed in a few different boxes. I should really get some order to them other than standing-right-side-up order.

  16. And happy belated birthday! What was your birthday manicure?

  17. You have a gorgeous and huge stash. I would like to steel some blue, purple and holos from you. ;)

  18. Holy crap! I'm so jealous! I need a helmer. Then I will have an excuse to buy more polishes! :) Love the holos! x

  19. Love this post! Looks like you've got some great organization going on. I do think your yellows need some more friends. :)

  20. Nikki- LOl I don't remember. I think it was Nfu Oh 62.

    KarenD- I thought that too after looking at my yellows.

    **UPDATE** I wrote earlier that I had 670 polishes and I don't know why I said that lol. I really have about 610. Sorry for the confusion!

  21. Awesome!! My collection is about half that, really excited! :D I also probably have the least yellows out of any color. The untried drawer has me eager for more :)

  22. 610? Nevermind! I have a bad estimating eye. Maybe a third then =]

  23. I love organisation posts!! I have total polish envy at your stash - it's MASSIVE girl! Love it =D

  24. Naomi- haha I think my collection looks smaller here. :) I think it's because I don't have my untries out and that's like 100 less.


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