Monday, February 21, 2011

China Glaze: Crackle Glaze Swatches

Morning everyone! I had plans to make it up to the gym today..but considering theres a ton of snow doesn't look like I'll be going anywhere. I suspect I'll be doing my nails today :).
Anyway, I've finally swatched my China Glaze Crackle polishes and I want to show them to you guys today. I did this over the course of 4 days so the length of my nails does change. I had to shorten them in the middle of swatching.
All of these swatches are one coat of crackle with top coat. I also used VERY thin coats.
Black Mesh, Broken Hearted, Crushed Candy, Lightning Bolt, Fault Line, and Cracked Concrete.

This is Black Mesh over OPI DS Reserve.

Black Mesh is a black shatter polish. This is similar to OPI Black Shatter (which I have yet to find!). I've heard the crackle effect is different from Black Shatter.

I loved the look of this. It looks like a black cracked egg.

This is Broken Hearted over Essie Mesmerize.

Broken Hearted is a candy pink crackle. You can see here it started to pull Mesmerize away from the nail. My polish wasn't completely dry at the time and I think that's why it started pulling away. 

It was very noticeable where the deep crackles were.

This is Crushed Candy over Sally Hansen Crystal Ball. And yes, I am holding the wrong bottle here!

Crushed Candy is a light baby blue similar to China Glaze For Audrey. I love this combo.

I think crackle polishes over holographic polishes might be my new favorite thing :).

This is Lightning Bolt over OPI Teenage Dream.

Lightning Bolt is a white crackle polish. I love the combination of the glitter and crackle, too. YUM.

It looks like cracked snow.

This is Fault Line over Borghese Celestiale Silver.

Fault Line is a purple shimmer crackle. I had problems with this one. It didn't want to crackle right at all. It just made a lot of long, linear cracks.

It looks interesting but it doesn't look like "crackle".

This is Cracked Concrete over Jesse's Girl Spring Break.

Cracked Concrete is a grey crackle polish. I love this combo too! I think the grey and purple look awesome together. :D

I would love to try this one over a red. :)

Crackle polishes are tricky. I learned it's best to use a complete DRY manicure. It worked best for on a day old mani. 
Here's a pic of what happens if you don't wait:
This is Lightning Bolt over OPI We'll Always Have Paris Suede. You can see that it didn't crackle much at all because the polish wasn't completely dry. On my ring finger I wanted and applied a layer of top coat and allowed that to dry before applying crackle.

:) Hope you guys enjoyed the crack!


  1. i really like the blue over the icy holo!

  2. I can not wait till I get my hands on these!! They are so LOVELY!!!!!!!

  3. The crackles are all really pretty =) But the way they crack is sooo different to the OPI swatches i'v seen so far...and also to the barry m which i'v tried out.

  4. I like the result, more pretty is the dark and the light blue!!!

  5. i love the colored crackle polish. i can't wait to get my hangs on all of them!!

  6. Cracked Concrete over purple = win! I will have to try this combo when mine arrives :) Lovely swatches as always :)

  7. the pink one is so pretty over Mesmerize, I love this combo ! Oh and I love your new banner ;)

  8. I hate transdesign for selling them out so fast. :( Great swatches and combinations!

  9. i think the pink and purple is my fav

  10. I haven't tried mine yet--want to experiment with thicker coats of the lighter ones since I'm not sure I like the sheer crack effect, though might just be a matter of getting used to the look.

  11. Hi, I'm new to following your blog and just wanted to tell you how happy I am that I now know about your blog! :) Awesome crackle pictures, too!

  12. i walked pass the crackle shelf last week and now im regretting. but all of them look gorgous! especially the pink and grey <3 it

  13. Sara- It might be because I used really, really thin coats. I noticed a difference in looks just from thick and thin coats of the same polish.

    Ulmiel- I bought mine on Amazon!

    Natalie- Thanks!

    Thanks guys!

  14. The blue and white are so pretty i don't have any yet i hope i can get one or 2.

  15. this may be the first blog with swatches of nailpolishes that went well together lol. i loved how all of these turned out. very pretty colors!


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