Thursday, February 24, 2011

CQ Swatches And Quick Nail Art

Today I want to show you guys two more of my CQ polishes. I bought these polishes at RiteAid. I think they were 2.99 each. CQ is made by the same company that makes Chameleon, Petites, and Petites Color Fever nail polish. Their factory is pretty close to my house, I think. You can try their website for more information but.. it's not much help and I don't think it's been updated because the new CQ colors or Petites Color Fevers are not on it.
This is CQ Gem Green and Mystical.

This is 4 coats of Gem Green.

Gem Green is a teal green with a slight duochrome effect. It also is a bit holographic.

Gem Green took 4 coats to become mostly opaque but the finish is awesome. I will admit that CQ has some cool finishes.

You can see some of the light is catching the holographic particles here.

This is 2 coats of Mystical.

Mystical is a redish purple shimmer. The first time I swatched this the color was closer to this picture and a bit red. It looked awful! I wanted it to match the bottle color. Finally, I swatched again- and it was fine.

The first coat went on streaky and red but the second coat made it opaque. I probably could have used a third coat for touch ups.

I'm so glad I was able to get the bottle color of this polish. :)

I love the finishes and the colors of the CQ polishes. I only with they weren't so sheer!

I also have some quick nail art for you guys.
I started with China Glaze C-C-Courage. Which is a lovely polish by itself.

Then I stamped with bundle monster plate BM21 and CND Silver Chrome. I added a coat of Funky Fingers Icicle Lights to my ring finger.

Oh, and I've been brainstorming new ideas for future Franken Fridays. I still need bottles and supplies but I will be featuring "collections". I might have less/more sporadic Franken Fridays but I think these ideas will be cohesive and I could always split the collection into two Fridays.
What do you guys think?


  1. That Gem Green is great! Next time RA has a sale on those I might have to pick that one up.

  2. Pretty swatches! And your manicure is gorgeous, I love icicle lights :) As for Franken Friday, I love it, I learn so much! - but if you want to play with making collections, I think that would be a great idea as well ;) Whatever floats your boat!

  3. preety swatches!! i'm def picking up green gem my nxt trip to wm

  4. i like the Mystical! Gorgeous colour

  5. Such pretty nail colours! And your nail art mani is fabulous too :D

  6. do you know if they carry CQ nail colors anywhere else? i don't have a rite aid here :( i'm loving Gem Green!

    1. You can now purchase CQ polishes and other products online at The products typically ship within 5-7 business days, and shipping is free in the continental United States.

  7. Mercedes- I've heard walmart but I've never seen it there!


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