Friday, February 18, 2011

Franken Free Friday: American Apparel Swatches

After this weeks V-day frankens, I didn't have any plans (or bottles) to make more. Sorry guys! I'm fresh out of supplies and won't be getting anymore for a few weeks!
So instead, I'm showing you some American Apparel swatches.
Can we talk about American Apparel for a second? Ahem, they're quite the controversial company! They have some saucy ads which include naked co-eds and Sasha Grey. If you don't know who Sasha Grey is.. don't google her. She's NSFW. 
I have to say, I love their clothes. I only have a few items from there and they've lasted a long time.
Anyway, on to the nail polish.

This is 2 coats of Summer Peach with Top Coat.

Summer Peach is a opaque nude creme polish. It needed a bit of top coat because it was streaky.

It's definitely "peachy". I love nude nails. So any opaque nude colors are welcome in my stash.

Creamy! Sorry, guys. I was wearing a glitter polish before this and it stained my nails and gave me extreme glitter herpes.

This is 2 coats of Mannequin with top coat.

Mannequin is an opaque beige nude creme. It was a bit streaky so I used top coat with it as well.

This polish seemed closer to my skin tone and gave me more of a "mannequin hand" look.

Still.. with the glitter.

This is 1 coat of Mouse.

Mouse is a grey-beige creme. I didn't need any top coat with this one.

I'm started to get a lot of these beige colors.

Yay, the glitters gone!

This is 2 coats of Office.

Office is a mint green creme. It wasn't a bit streaky as well.

I love this color. It just feels calming and refreshing.

You can see here how it was streaky. I think if I used a top coat on this one it would have evened out.

This is 1 coat of L'Esprit.

L'Esprit is a greyish lilac purple creme. 

This is another soft and calming color.

I used to have bedroom walls painted this color. :)

This is 1 coat of African Violet. Which, by the looks of it, I should have used 2 coats but it looked normal in real life.

African Violet is a deep violet purple creme.

I should have used 2 coats. But I swear, it didn't look this way when I was looking at my nails!

All in all, most of these polishes were streaky. It wasn't a problem after top coat though. I love all the colors I think they have great opaque cremes. I love this polish line and I can't wait to get more.


  1. I have a few AA polishes and want more but can't seem to motivate myself to go out of my way to get to one of their stores (and have heard too many horror stories about their sometimes poor packaging to order online). Thank goodness for swapping!

  2. Always love me a greige, but I think I have close-enough's for these. At the same time, I want to try the AA formula. I think African Violet looks very nice on you! I think my skintone is very close to yours, but my fingers are pretty crookedy :P

  3. omg i love the nudeish one and the greige, mint and purple looking one tooo

  4. I've always wanted to try their polishes! I'm glad you put up swatches because I thought that I'd like Summer Peach, but now that it's on your nails, I think the colour wouldn't work on me at all.

  5. I'm just like KarenD need to go to the store and pick up some new ones :)

  6. I'll be in the area of a store next week, and I will surely gran African Violet, its great! :):)

  7. The last three look so good. :)

  8. They all look so pretty!

    LOL Glitter Herpes

  9. I have no AA, and no store near me, but I've considering buying them online.

    Congrats on the Gosh Giveaway, I just saw that on You Nailed It's blog.

  10. Thanks for the swatches, my favorite would have to be L' Esprit! And I have an AA near me as well...maybe I'll have to pick up some polishes?

  11. great colors and swatches. haha you got me to google her :')

  12. KarenD- I think the store is worth checking out :). The clothes get a little funky.

    Naomi- I love African violet even though it looks like poo here!

    Melina- Thank you!

    you nailed it!- Uh oh... :P

    Thanks gals!


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