Friday, February 4, 2011

Franken Friday: Birthday Frankens

Since yesterday was my birthday I did a little hauling...
Sally Hansen Pink Sapphire, Sally Hansen Dahlia, Zoya Dana, Zoya, Jolene, Zoya Caitlin, Zoya Dannii, and Zoya Jules.
Love & Beauty Light Green (it's a flakie!), Love & Beauty Gold, Claire's Poison Apple, and Claire's Venomous.
Zoya Dana and Jolene I found for $2.45 each!

Now on to my birthday frankens...
Since I turned 21 this year, I wanted my frankens to be crazy and fun. And what's more crazy and fun then glitters?!
This is 2 coats of Birthday Hat.

Birthday Hat has blue, gold, and purple string glitter in it. It has a blue glitter base. It's kind of intense, yes?

I used the string glitters from The Hobby Lobby and I also used some of the neon blue glitter from there as well. I mixed it all in a base of  Wet N Wild Cheers and clear polish.

This polish was originally named birthday something else but I wanted to keep it PG haha :P.

This is 2 coats of Shots.

Shots has mutli colored glitter hexagons in a purple glitter base with holographic glitter.

I used the holographic glitter from and the purple neon glitter from The Hobby Lobby. I used half of my Multi Colored Sparkle polish from Urban Outfitters and Wet N Wild Confetti.

This is what I wanted Teenage Dream to look like.

I had so much fun making those. I definately want to make more glitter frankens for franken Friday.
Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday!
And also..
As soon as the winner to my 100th follower Giveaway receives their prize I will be having another giveaway!


  1. Happy birthday!!
    Great haul!!
    I looooove your frankens, especially the first!
    Thank you for hosting a new giveaway!!

  2. Happy Birthday! Awesome colours!

  3. you call that a little haul :-)
    frankens are just divine, especialy the blue one :-)

  4. The second colour pinkish is really pretty

  5. i love both of your frakens!!! is the holo glitter slighty bigger than teenage dream??

  6. Happy Belated Birthday! I love those colors, you should bottle and sell them, I would definatly be interested in buying some!

  7. Happy Birthday :) I relly love the first franken :D

  8. I looove birthday hat! your frankens are so amazing :)

    happy birthday!

  9. Nice haul! Both frankens are cool=]

  10. hope your birthday's been great! and i looooove the frankens! that pink one is adorable~~~

  11. Thanks ladies!
    Silence is Loud- Yes, the hexs are larger!
    Poised and polished- I was actually thinking of throwing some in for a giveaway but I just didn't know if my frankens interested anyone!

  12. Happy belated birthday!
    I love your franken Friday posts..OMG Birthday Hat is gorgeous!!!

  13. Love all these birthday frankens! You are so creative!

  14. You're frankens are dynamite inspiring! Keep it up :)


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