Saturday, February 12, 2011

Goldie: Pink Swatches

Since Valentine's Day is fast approaching I thought I would show you these swatches of some pretty pink Goldie polishes. There isn't a lot of information out on this brand, but it appears to be long discontinued. I found mine at TJ Maxx. It was in a pack of 8 for $7.99. I believe Goldie polishes used to be sold at Bath & Body Works.
These polishes didn't have names or labels. 
"Pink Taupe", "Pink Frost", "Hot Pink" and "Magenta".
What's more V-day appropriate than a bunch of pink polishes? :)

This is 3 coats of "Pink Taupe."

"Pink Taupe" is a mauve pink creme. 

I swear these polishes had a strange smell. It wasn't as chemically as non-B3F polishes but almost like it had a slight smell of rubbing alcohol.

Woops no clean up! :) I love this color though. It's soft but not too girly.

This is 2 coats of "Pink Frost."

"Pink Frost" is a hot pink frost that almost looks like a shimmer, except for some brush strokes. I know, these finishes are old lady-like but I love this polish.

I think it's stunning and a really good pink. The formula on this polish was amazing.

I was thinking of wearing Oke Doke Pink This for V-day, but now I'm considering this polish.

This is 2 coats of "Hot Pink" with top coat.

"Hot Pink" is a thick hot pink creme. I think it's a bit brighter in real life.

This polish was a bit streaky so I used a top coat, and it made everything perfect. :)


This is 1 coat of "Magenta" which looks like it needed 2 here, but it looked opaque and normal in real life.

"Magenta" is a bright magenta jelly-creme.

It reminds me a bit of an OPI polish my mom gave me to, Moroccan Melon. It's super old and not big three free, but it has this great coral color that reminds me of this polish.

Look how shiny!

 These four Goldies are part of 8 piece polish set. I was very disappointed when I bought it and thought "Really, 4 of the same pink?" But when I started looking at them I realized they were different and I relaxed. I can say I enjoyed the formula on these and I loved that the set was half pinks and half darker, crazier colors. 
And the bottles! The bottles are adorable. I love the bow, the writing on the bottle, and the flower cap. 
Definitely worth picking up from TJ's.


  1. i love the bottles and Magenta looks very nice colour!

  2. Very cute bottles! I also really like Hot Pink.

  3. Love the pink polishes! Oh my those bottles are soo cute!

  4. beautiful pinks!!! i love em all :)

  5. Those bottles are adorable! Great swatches.

  6. I love Goldie bottles. They remind me of Nfu Oh bottles except they're not trying to hard to be over the top. Preeeetty pinks!

  7. I would kill for these polishes!!

  8. can you show us how you clean up your nails! i'm curious, because your nails look amazing :)

  9. I'm usually not af fan of pinks but the Magenta and Pink Taupe are amazing :) That would be pink polishes that I would actually wear..

  10. Kendal- I never thought of that. The Goldie Bottles remind me of those little wooden people that are kids toys and have no arms. LOL they just have little wooden ball heads.

    Lashes & Lips- If you're interested in how I clean up my manis I'm sure I could do a post on it. It's kind of hard because it is just me taking these pictures. :)

    Swaafie- I love the color of Pink Taupe.

    Thanks guyyyys.


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