Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Goldie: Swatches Part II & Chanel Nail Art Fail

Hello! I hope everyone is having a fabulous day!
:) Today I want to show you the rest of the Goldie polishes.
Once again these didn't have names.
"Bronze", "Purple", "Blue Shimmer". and "Dark Blue."

This is 3 coats of "Bronze."

"Bronze" is a champagne shimmer. I couldn't find anything in my stash like it. 

I wasn't expecting to like this polish but the color and formula are great.

There was a bit of visible nail line showing through, but it was *ahem* tastefully done.

This is 2 coats of "Purple".

"Purple" is a burgundy jelly-creme. It's super vampy.

It was a little bit streaky and macro really makes that obvious. In real life, it looked shiny and perfect.

This turned out to be more red than purple. Silly me.

This is 1 coat of "Blue Shimmer."

"Blue Shimmer" is a teal metallic shimmer. 

Everything about this polish was great. It was one coat and had a great formula. Also, another unique polish to my stash.

This polish almost looks green without being green. Weird teal!

This is 2 coats of "Dark Blue".

You can't really tell here, but this polish is actually a dark blue jelly. You can see a bit in the bottle and on the edges of my nails.

It's so very dark, that even in real life it's hard to see it's a blue. Still, in sun light, you can see a bit of the blue peaking through.

It looks so shiny!

I LOVE these Goldie Polishes. The formula on these is wonderful and so are the colors of the polishes. WHY were these discontinued? The bottles are too cute as well! :(

Anyway, I want to show you some nail art I did last night. I'm really in the mood to do some today but I can't think of any ideas!
Anyway, last night's nail art is kind of a failure. I got the idea from Nikki of Nikki's Nail Files. She had a week where she did nail art based on designer brands and I really wanted to try to do Chanel nail art.
Ewwww. I'm not happy at all with this. I wanted to do "stitch marks" like the quilting on the purses. I also tried to do a Chanel symbol- icky. Off topic, once I made a "Chanel" shirt with a Sharpie and paper which I cut out the logo and traced over it. It turned out pretty cool. :)

The pinky looks a bit crazy because  I was watching a murder mystery show (not Murder She Wrote I swear... :P) and they found out who the killer was and ... Well, I should have been paying attention to my nails.

I used Sephora By OPI What's A Tire Jack? Matte for the base and for the stitches I used Sally Hansen White Tip. I used CND Silver Chrome for the logo.

I made the chain for the purse on my thumb.



  1. So cute!!
    I love the bottles!!!
    Nice manis!

  2. oh this is not fail nail art! its cute!

  3. These are all so gorgeous! I have tons of these polishes and can you believe I haven't swatched them yet. (smh) Too many untrieds. Lol!

  4. Man, the bronze & blue shimmer are purrrty! Wish I could get my hands on some Goldies!

  5. I have those same Goldies (found mine at TJ Maxx) and I had the same impressions as you. Love the teal shimmer one as well, it was my fave of the pack I got. I want to like that inky blue jelly, but I found it difficult to apply. It is intriguing though!

  6. I ♥ all the colours =) And your nail art is suuper cute...lurve the chanel! =P
    Btw...I replied back 2 your swap took me so long to reply as the email was stuck in my junk folder and I had no idea!! lol just thought i'd let u know =)

  7. They are all pretty sweet and you're right the bottles are dang cool. I mean they have their own belt, ya can't beat that! :D

  8. I picked that goldie set up at TJMAXX about three weeks ago too. Then when I found out that theyre discontinued I just couldnt use them! I love all the colors and I just don't wanna waste them :( The Purple vampy one is my favorite

  9. cute bottles!!! and i love that shiny black~

  10. Blue shimmer and Dark Blue looks amazing! And I don't think you failed the nail art attempt ;) What's a tire jack is a gorgeous base <3

  11. Sara- okay! I'll get back to you soon!

    DeeSquared- you should enjoy them! :)

    Thanks ladies!

  12. I have a couple Goldie polishes because they used to sell them at the Bath and Body Works where I used to work. I got them for 90% off, but I just don't like them! It might just be the ones I have (Lost - silver foil, Pretty Pansy - sparkly pink), but I can only get a day of wear without chipping, even when I don't do anything all day!

  13. ebidebby- Sometimes you have to change up your base and top coat with certain polishes to get better wear.:)


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