Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nfu Oh: 66, 62, & 64

If you guys don't know by now.. I LOVE holographic polishes. Nfu Oh holographics have quickly become some of favorite polishes. The ones I have are considered "duds". They're new and supposedly not as holographic as older batches. I'm not really too concerned.
66, 62, and 64.

This is 3 coats of 66.

66 is a light minty green linear holographic. Yes, this is a "dud."

I don't think I have a mint green holographic polish to compare this to.

Sigh. If only ALL dud polishes were like this.

This is 3 coats of 62.

The color of 62 is hard to pin point. I would say it's a mix between a pink and a champagne.

I don't think I have anything similar to this as well.


This is 2 coats of 64.

64 is a medium purple linear holographic.

My nails look like mirrors.

I hope you guys enjoyed my holos.
:) I'm thinking once I get them all together I'll do a "holo" post.


  1. Wow, they are amazing holos! You are super lucky to have them :) Great swatches.

  2. hot damn. talk about awesome holo polishes!

  3. Oh my gosh!!!!
    NFU holo is on my POLISH WISHLIST!!!
    #64 is my favorite!

    Please follow my blog too dear. (^__^)


  4. Those don't look like duds to me--definitely have the linear thing going on, unlike the lame versions of MPJ.

  5. So beautiful!!
    I love holos and nfu oh!!

  6. Drool City! I think I like 64 best

  7. I love holo's have holo OMG week on my blog now. Had China Glaze Kaleidoscope week last month. Too bad I only have two Nfu Oh holo's.

  8. I love them! Shame I can't find this brand in Spain!

  9. woow! such beautiful holos....love all the colours =) 66 is soo cool! Minty holoness.... mmmm yum =P

  10. They are gorgeous. I wish I had some of these too.

  11. It is so unbelievable that I still don't have any holographic polishes. Everytime you have a post about them I make a mental note to buy one and then...never do. Ugh! I love holographic polishes, I should really buy some. Love the polishes Rachel!

  12. I love these holos so beautiful i wanna get
    Some so bad where did u purchase yours?
    Are they only available online I'm so impatient
    I would rather go somewhere to buy them do
    U know if they sell them amywhere? Thnx

  13. 66 is my favourite! <3
    And they are still so holographic! I ordered 61 and because it was different than my old one I had returned it. But now I see I probably made a mistake, they are much more holo on the nails than in the bottle!
    Do you have old version of at least one of them? I would really love to see the bottle comparison and comparison on the nail if you do. :)

  14. KarenD- I agree. But girls on the MUA said there is a big difference between the new and old formulas. Frankly, my dear I don't give a damn. They're still super holoy.

    Diana- I've been reading your OMG posts everyday :).

    Honolulu- I'm sure if you looked you could find them! Or swap for them.

    Nikki's Nail Files- *Head explodes* NO HOLOS?!

    Loodie- Agreed.

    beauxsmom- I bought mine from fabuloustreet.com. I'm not really sure WHERE they originate from. I'm sure that there is not stores to buy them from in the US. The shipping from FS is VERY fast and free!

    Kvacka- I have heard they are less holoy than the old versions. I do agree, they don't look holoy in the bottle. I don't have any old ones! Sorry! :P I wish I could get my hands on Nfu Oh 61!

  15. *drool* I'm sad real holo polishes are starting to become extinct..

  16. i don't know about all the racket on mua i was reading just a few moments ago about these being "duds". i don't know about you but i see holo. personally i think its' a bunch of overpickiness on their part. i've got 2 bottles of 62 a bottle of 66 and a bottle of 64. they are all holo....none of my nfu-ohs look hugely holo in the bottle. even my blue one. and i ordered mine long before any "dud" talk was floating about....alleged duds or not - man when you put them on the nails - KA POW! HOLY-HOLO BATMAN!!! if these are what "they" consider to be duds then dud me up baby.


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