Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ornaments Glitter Swatches

It seems like you guys had a lot of fun viewing my stash. :) I think it's quite awesome, myself. :P
It's been a lot of fun to build and I love all my polishes. Even the ones that streaky, sheer, and didn't turn out the way I wanted- I love them all.
Anyway, today I want to show you some Ornament Glitter polishes I picked up in the clearance after Christmas. I am a sucker for anything less than a dollar.
These don't have any names so we'll call them:
"Silver Hex", "Green Hex", and and "Pink Hex."

This is 3 coats of "Silver Hex" over Sally Hansen Surely Ivory. 

"Silver Hex" is much more opaque than I thought it would be. It is a mildly opaque, silver glitter polish with silver glitter hexagons. 

I think it's really lovely. I would love to try this layered over hot pink or black.

Look how awesome and dense the glitter it is.

And before we go on to "Green Hex", I HAVE to show you what I discovered when I opened the bottle...
Uhm, WTF? I tried painting my nails with this, too. Usually, if a brush is messed up you can pull out a few hairs and be good to go.
Well, I tried that and it was just too many hairs so I tried trimming it and got this...
Ugh. How gross.

I ended up putting it in a franken bottle with a bit of thinner. I think the thinner might have effected the formula, because all the hexagons sunk to the bottom. :/

This is 3 coats of "Green Hex".

"Green Hex" is an opaque green glitter polish with silver hexagon glitter. The polish dried with a semi matte finish.

This polish has a truly pretty hue, it's emerald green.

This polish makes me think of Christmas. :)

This is 3 coats of "Pink Hex".

"Pink Hex" is an opaque hot pink glitter polish with pink hexagon glitters.

I don't think it is very Christmasy, but I think this color would be awesome in the summer time.

I think this one is the most "fun" of the polishes.

I really was surprised by how opaque all of these are. I think most times when I buy glitter polishes, I am expecting it to be good for layering- but these were great on their own. 
I am very mad about the brush on the green polish. I could see how if I didn't have an extra bottle laying around I would have been mad. But, for less than a dollar- I don't really mind.


  1. I love the "green hex" I've recently become obsessed with glitter polishes! :)

  2. To bad about the brush. These are really pretty especially the green hex. Where can one get these?

  3. that green is so pretty but i hate wonky brushes!

  4. the emerald green is gorgeous :)


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