Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Petites Color Fever: Swatches Part II & Sims Nail Art

If you're living in some parts of the US right now, you're probably on snow day like I am. :) I was at work last night, giving a facial, when we had to close! It was insanity. Anyway, today I'm showing you some of the Petites Color Fever Polishes I have. The last PCF polishes I shared with you guys were pretty much all soft pink polishes. These ones are a little more fun and crazy.
Raspberry Ice, Electric Indigo, Wild Plum, and Black Diamond.

This is 1 coat of Raspberry Ice.

Raspberry Ice is a hot pink shimmer polish. It's bright and opaque. I love this color.

Petites Color Fever is quickly becoming a favorite brand of mine.

It's a bit more shimmery in real life.

This is 2 coats of Electric Indigo.

Electric Indigo is a vibrant blue frost. 

 I don't know why I got that weird swoop of polish on my index finger. I'm guessing it's a brush stroke but it's weird looking, yeah?

The "swoop." 

This is 1 coat of Wild Plum. 

Wild Plum is a deep purple shimmer. Isn't it lovely?

I think I've mentioned before that dark purple polishes are a love of mine but I tend to avoid buying them because I try to step outside my comfort zone with colors. This color is exactly why I love deep purples. It just looks.. complex. :)

I wonder if this would be good for stamping...Hmm...

This is 2 coats of Black Diamond.

Black Diamond is is a deep charcoaly grey holographic. It's dark but it's not quite black. 

Black Diamond has a scattered holographic effect that isn't super holographic but it's definitely visible. I can't think of any holographic polishes you can pick up at RiteAid so this was an exciting find!

This set of PCF polishes has some of my favorites. The formula on these were very good everything was 1 or 2 coats. 
I have an annoying story to add about this brand of polishes. Last night, I stopped at RiteAid and saw a sticker that said 75% Petites Color Fever. I was so excited! That would make each one about a dollar. So I picked up the colors I didn't have and hurried to the register. Well, none of them would ring up as on sale. So the lady went and grabbed the sticker and in very small print it said the name of one color. Ugh, so I didn't end up getting any of them. I'm going to wait until RiteAid has it's BOGO 50% sale to pick up the rest.

I also wanted to share some silly nail art I did recently:
It's Sims nail art! I made the little logo that floats above your Sim's character. :)

See... :)

I used Jesse's Girl Midori for the green. I mixed Midori and Zoya Shawn together to make the shadows on the logo. The purple used is China Glaze Virtual Violet.

I loved Virtual Violet with Midori and I would love to use them together again. :)
I will probably be playing a lot of the sims on my day off today!


  1. Those Petite polishes sounds kind of amazing :)

    I really like your Sims nail art :) And green and purple is always a fantastic combination :)

  2. Black diamond and wild plum are gorgeus heheeh i also like the sims but i only have sims 2 my computer cannot take sims 3 :)

  3. I like the Sims art! I'm wearing the black diamond at the mo and I love it. Shame we can't buy them in the UK :-(, this one was sent to me

  4. dang, i always wanna pick up black diamond but i never end up doing it. next time for sure. haha but i love the Sims design! havent played that in foreverrr~

  5. wild plum and black diamond looks great,i love it :-)
    your sims mani is cute :-)


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