Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pure Ice: Swatches

Today I have some polishes that were sitting in my untried drawer for weeks.
It all started when I accidentally bought Taupe Drawer thinking it was another polish that someone wanted in a swap. I can't say that I had a whole lot of interest in the Pure Ice brand. I use their glitters for bases for frankens but a lot of them are too sheer. Sheer polishes can be great for layering but it's never a good surprise when you think it's going to be more opaque.
Taupe Drawer, Purple Reign, Busted, and Cheatin'.

This is 2 coats of Taupe Drawer.

Taupe Drawer is a purplish taupe creme. This polish is surprisingly opaque.

I love taupes but this one isn't really doing anything for me.

It looks like shines a bit burgundy as well.

This is 1 coat of Purple Reign over Taupe Drawer.

Purple Reign looks amazing over Taupe Drawer. Purple Reign has all these tiny pieces of gold glitter in a sheer purplish taupe base.

This color combo is reminding me a bit of clarins 230. No? Just me?

Love this.

This is 1 coat of Busted over Taupe Drawer.

Busted is a purple polish with tiny glitter pieces that shine pink. It's very reflective.

Pretty isn't it? I think I prefer Purple Reign to this polish though.

Lol my nail looks shy here.

This is 2 coats of Cheatin' over Busted and Taupe Drawer.

Cheatin' is a purple and blue glitter polish. This polish has much larger glitter than Purple Reign or Busted.

I would love to try this layered over white.

The formula on these was okay. I still am not loving them for some reason. If I remember correction I think the brush was hard to work with. These polishes have that same funky smell that Wet N Wilds have.


  1. I think they're cute ! I've never tried that brand but I love those colors you chose.

  2. these polishes look great. i like purple reign.

  3. So pretty! I love how they look layered(=

  4. I love how you layered the purple reign, that color is so gorgeous!! <3 it

  5. Nails of the week:
    I put yours :)


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