Saturday, February 5, 2011

Revlon and Maybelline Swatches

Again, thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!
I'm glad you guys enjoyed my Frankens. I can't wait to make more for next week.
Today's post is about two different sets of polishes.
The first set is some Revlon polishes which I bought around Christmas time at Big Lots. It came in a pack of 2 for $2 dollars. I'm usually not a big Revlon fan (with the exception of Perplex). I have bad drying time with them and a lot of their colors don't catch my eye. So, when I saw these packs at Big Lots, I figured what the hay. 
Silver Screen, Belle, Cherry Crush, and Slipper.
These definitely don't go together but that's how they were packaged.
I think the packs are supposed to be "Silver" and Belle and also "Ruby" and Slipper. But that's Big Lots for you.

This is 2 coats of Silver Screen.

Silver Screen is a silver metallic polish.

It is nothing terribly exciting and it left brush strokes.

It looks like I have a tiny crack in my nail? I think it's just a line in my polish.

This is two coats of Belle over Silver Screen.

I've seen pictures of Belle online and I seem to remember it having better coverage. I could not get good coverage with this polish at all. The glitter was very sparse. This polish is a glitter with holographic glitter hexagons in a silver glitter base.

It's pretty  but it's kind of boring. And it's such a shame because it looks gorgeous in the bottle.

This is 1 coat of Cherry Crush.

One coat- very nice! This polish is a red shimmer. It's pretty and goes well with my skin tone but this red didn't win me over.

It just feels like a color I would see on an old lady with super long nails.

I bet you guys are wondering why I buy reds when I hate the color. Well, I like to dabble to see if there are certain reds that I COULD like. :) I've found a few.

This is 2 coats of Slipper over Cherry Crush.

I had the same problems with this polish as I did with Belle. The glitter was much too sparse. This polish is a red glitter base with holographic hexagons.

I think layered over white this polish could look cool.

All in all, still not impressed with Revlon. I loved that Cherry Crush was a one coater and I thought these glitter would be interesting enough to spark my interest. And It just didn't turn out that way.

This part of the post should be "what not to buy at the Dollar Tree- just don't do it." I picked up these Maybellines at the Dollar Tree recently and uhm.. here they are!

Pink Chills, Iced Mauve, and Blue Water.

This is 4 coats of Pink Chills.

This polish was such a brat. It was very streaky and didn't even even out much with top coat. I think these pictures are too kind because this polish is ugly.

Can I talk about how the brushes are on these polishes? It's not that they're hard to work with per say, but they are strangely long so every time I tried to put the brush back into the bottle- it bent on the lip of the bottle. It was just...annoying. :(

It looks nice here.. don't be fooled!

This is 2 coats of Iced Mauve.

I know what you're thinking.. Why would I even buy a polish named Iced Mauve? Well, I like to test fate, I guess. This polish is, again, terribly streaky and top coat didn't fix that either. It's an ugly dusty brown-pink shimmer.

This color makes me want to puke.

It looks like the color of an ugly leather jacket.

This is 3 coats of Blue Water.

I don't think I need to say it but this one has a water finish, which makes it sheerer than a jelly. And it also smelled strangely like Novocaine.

Sigh. I'll try this is a syrup mani. I really sad about this one. It the bottle it looks like it's going to be a dark blue jelly.


So, I don't think I need to say it but I hated these polishes. Nothing was good. Don't buy these. I think if nothing else, I'll franken with them.

Sorry that this post was so long and everything in it was kind of sucky. But I wanted to lump together two sets of polishes that disappointed me so we could get on to the stuff that rocked my world.


  1. Aw, man! Sorry that they were all bad! I was surprised that out of 7 polishes not one of them was good. Oh well. At least you tried them out. Kind of a waste of money. It happens to all of us.


  2. Lindsay M.B.- Everything is going into my franken bin. :) I'm not too upset. I didn't spend more than a dollar per polish. I would mad if say, I invested in a 15 dollar polish and it was complete crap. :)

  3. I love Cherry Crush but im not feeling Blue Water

  4. I found the revlons at my biglots too, such a deal!

  5. I can't help but laugh at Blue Water!

    The greatest thing about awful polishes like that is not only did someone come up with that color idea, someone within Maybelline actually tested and approved the color too! Thats amazing. <3

  6. love the second to last! so pretty!

  7. silver screen and belle looking good :-)

  8. Happy birthday, belatedly!

    At least Big Lots tried to coordinate the 2-packs; I've seen some really random ones there before.

    Iced Mauve is so 80s it almost hurts to look at it now. :)

    The waters were intended to be layered, I seem to recall. I like them over things like silver glitter.

  9. My little sister used blue water as a base for a super cool funky french that she did with a blue creme for the tips.

  10. KarenD- That's good to know. I'll try layering it over glitter.
    April- Also good to know!

    Thanks everyone!

  11. I have Silver Screen and I love it!! Have you tried it with a matte top coat ;-)

  12. I have the same kind of relationship with pink polish as you do with reds so I totally understand why you buy them :) I really like the Ruby layered over Cherry Crush, but that blue? Oh my god kill it with fire!

  13. i like cherry crush. when i picked up mine from big lots, i got very strange packs. lol but nonetheless, $2.00 for 2 polishes is a good deal :)


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