Saturday, February 26, 2011

Shisem F600 and Wet N Wild Black Rose

Today is just a quick post because I'm very busy and I'm already behind!
Shisem F600 and Wet N Wild Black Rose.

This is 1 coat of Shisem F600.

Shisem F600 (I'm assuming that's it's name) is an opaque royal blue shimmer polish. I bought this polish off of eBay and it definitely doesn't smell like it's Big3free. I own another Shisem, in a different bottle shape, that I bought at a Korean beauty store near me.

I wasn't expecting much from this polish but it's actually quite pretty.

This is 2 coats of Wet N Wild Black Rose. GRRR my camera always goes crazy trying to capture black polish :(.

Black Rose (which is not it's real name- it doesn't have a name) is a green based black jelly.

It's super shiny and dark- as a black polish should be.

And of course I wanted to layer on it...

I layered two coats of Hannah Pinktana over it.

This made me love HP a little bit. I think it makes my nails look like space.


But how cool is this bottle? It makes for awkward storage but...


  1. Oo pretty! That black rose bottle is awesome.

  2. I love the blue, so bright, and the black with with tiny glittery top coat, really pretty. xx

  3. That bottle shape! Lovely =) I love the layering you did, but the black one looks also great on its own!

  4. Where did you get this? I love the black rose bottle!

  5. I love the rose bottle..soo pretty =) And that holo pink glitter is beautiful!

  6. I LOVE the shape of that rose bottle, how cool! I also love the way the black rose looks with HP layered over it! Sooo pretty! :)

  7. i love the blue one, love the black one and a combo... but bottle like rose is... amazing, i want that 2 :-D

  8. wow i really love the black rose bottle!

  9. The blue is so beautiful!
    The black bottle so unique!

  10. I think a lot of us would like this bottle now, oh my, it's really wonderful!! (even if not really the best for storage I can imagine ^^)

  11. Oh wicked! Love that black rose bottle=]

  12. Oh I love the combo with the glitter!
    and I know I'm silly but at first I thought the bottle was a Darth Vader polish hahahahah

  13. the black a nail polish????

  14. Kimmie- I bought it on eBay. :)

    Lolaa- It is sort of bad for storage haha. I have to turn it on it's side :p.

    Fey- Looking at the pictures I can totally see why you would think that! from some angles it LOOKS like a Vadar head.

    Silecen is Loud- Yes!!

    Thanks ladies!

  15. thats a reallly cool bottle!! and the black is shiny it looks good with the layer too!

  16. The layered one - yum, yum, yum :) !


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