Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Frankens

Not really feeling the V-day vibes this year. :) But I wanted to at least try and get into the spirit and make these frankens.
The more I look at these the more I feel like I've eaten too much sugar.
Soft Kisses, Red Wine Whispers, Crushin' On Candy, Paper Hearts, Lingerie, and Blind Date.

This is 2 coats of Soft Kisses. It was opaque in 1 but I did 2 coats just in case.

Soft Kisses is a soft pink frost with darker pink glitter. It also dried with  satin finish.

Ignore the little bitty cut on my finger that looks totally sick in macro.

I like the way this one came out. It's very soft looking.

This is 2 coats of Red Wine Whispers. It was also opaque in 1 coat.

This one is my favorite of the bunch. It's a redish burgundy holographic polish.

It looks close to OPI DS Extravagance but it is a bit more red.


This is 3 coats of Crushin' On Candy. It was a bit streaky so I used top coat on it.

Crushin' On Candy is a pink creme with holographic glitter and muti colored heart glitter that doesn't show through. Ick.

I hate the way the heart glitter looks like growths on my nail. Ew.

Well, I tried!

This is 2 coats of Paper Hearts. It was a streaky so I used top coat.

Paper Heart is a coral-pink polish with silver glitter. It also has holographic hexagons and red string glitter.

BLURGH. It looks like candy vomit :X.

Not a fan of this one either.

This is 2 coats of Lingerie.

Lingerie is a burgundy polish with shimmer and pink glitter.

I like this one as well. I think the pink glitter looks cool in the dark base.


This is 3 coats of Blind Date over Lingerie. That was an odd sentence to type.

This is the polish I was most excited about. Blind Date is a silver and pink glitter polish with silver circle glitter and purple heart glitter. I'm so glad the hearts didn't melt!

I want to try this over black next. :)

This polish is quite blingy!

I hope you enjoyed my frankens! :)


  1. Oh my gosh, girl! I tried to make a franken (you inspired me), but my glitter had the color melt off... So I ended up with plastic clear bits stuck together and it sunk to the bottom of the pigment, a brown goo. I guess it melted? Haha, gross! I love Red Wine Whispers!

  2. Wow, that's a lot of frankens. I like the dark ones best; I feel like I've overdosed on pink lately. :)

  3. These are great!
    My favorite is red wine whispers.

  4. Red Wine Whispers is gorgeous!!!!!! I love Paper Hearts too!

  5. wow, you're really good with frankens :-D

  6. wowowowowow!! i ♥ them all!! especially red wine whispers...soo pretty =)

  7. I really really really like Red Wine Whispers and Lingerie! =)
    And others are pink, not really my colour. :P
    I'm not feeling the V-day vibes either. ;)

  8. Red Wine Whispers is absolutely gorgeous! Love the color!

  9. Naomi- sounds like it melted! Can I ask what kind of glitter you were using? :)

    It looks like Red Wine Whispers is a group favorite! It's my fav too :)

  10. OMG!!!! Red Wine Whispers and Lingerie are awesome. I even like the candy one. I think it's neat how the hearts peak through under a veil!

  11. Really faves are the shimmery red ones. :)

  12. Hey Rachel! I tried using one of those Sally Girl glitters- no dice!

  13. I love the Red Wine Whispers nails but what is the name and who is it by? I keep trying to google it but I get nothing so I'm wondering if I have the name wrong or what?


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