Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Zoya: Swatches Part II (Picture Heavy)

Hello, everyone! :) I hope everyone's having a fabulous Tuesday. I feel pretty run down myself. I think it's because I'm being too lazy this morning. :)
Anyway, I wanted to share the second half of my Zoya swatches. These ones just seemed to "go" together and I think a lot of them are from the same collection but I was too lazy to find out. :P
Tiffany, Alegra, Ivanka, Charla, Mimi, and Julieanne.
It's like a rainbow of perfection. :)

This is 3 coats of Tiffany.

The more I look at pictures of this- the more I swoon. Tiffany is a pink-champange polish with gold glitter.

I don't think I have anything similar in my stash. :)

It has a foil finish, as well. YUM.


This is 2 coats of Alegra.

I guess I didn't take any head on pictures of Alegra, sorry! Alegra is a strawberry pink glass flecked polish.

When I look at my nails, I think about strawberry jam. Anyone else?

Alegra looks so sickeningly sweet!

This is 2 coats of Ivanka.

I was having trouble uploading pictures of this polish today. It wouldn't let me upload some of them. :/ Anyway, Ivanka is a grassy green glass flecked polish.

A close up to swoon over.

This is 3 coats of Charla.

Charla is a aqua blue polish that shines green that is also glass flecked. It's quite lovely.

I'm told this one is quite staining. I haven't worn it that long, so I'm not sure.

Yum. It just looks so complex. 

This polish reminds me of fish scales.

This is 3 coats of Mimi.

Mimi is a deep purple glass flecked polish.

Isn't she pretty? I love that all of these polishes seem to have the same finish, but very different colors.

I love the way it reflects the light.

This is 2 coats of Julieanna.

Julieanna is a slightly darker purple glass flecked polish. It seems to have more black in it.

This is like Mimi's evil twin.. Julieanna!


Did you think I was going to leave you hanging without a comparison of Mimi and Julieanna? Psh, no.
Mimi and Julieanna.

Mimi, Julieanna, Mimi, Julieanna.

Julieanna, Mimi, Julieanna, Mimi.

You can see that they're very similar but Julieanna is obviously darker.

I LOVE these Zoyas. I think the formula and colors are perfect. I hope you guys enjoyed seeing them as much as I enjoyed showing them off.


  1. Mimi is just gorgeous. <3 I would love to have Ivanka just because it's most similar to my name, but I don't like greens at all. :)

  2. Ooh Ivanka and the 2 purple ones are absolutely stunning!

  3. I can't wait to have my first Zoyas polishes to play with them, I'm waiting for an order to arrive here, and I chose Alegra... from your pictures I see that I wasn't wrong :)

  4. dang! i realllly like Tiffany! i knew i should've got her last time! :X

  5. I have Mimi & Julieanne... I love 'em:)

  6. Tiffany is awesome! Wearing it as I type this!


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