Monday, March 7, 2011

China Glaze: Kaleidoscope Swatches And Apple Nail Art

How's your Monday going? I don't work Mondays so today feels like a Sunday. :) I'm hoping to get a couple swap packages soon- I'm tired of waiting! 
Anyway, I wanted to share with you guys swatches of the Kaleidoscopes I have. This collection is long discontinued but some of these can be found on eBay or a local dusty. These pictures were taken in crappy, indirect Michigan sunlight. They are much more holoy in real life.
Rated Holographic, Kaleidoscope Him Out, Visit Me In Prism, and Sexagon.

This is 2 coats of Rated Holographic.

Rated Holographic is a brownish pink scattered holographic polish. Doesn't it look divine here?

You can see a bit of the scattered effect here. It looks like tiny particles, almost flakies, that lie flat and create the holographic effect.
This is 3 coats of Kaleidoscope Him Out.

I don't get a lot of sun in my room so the effect doesn't look as great. Kaleidoscope Him Out is a bright blue scattered holographic polish. I had some issues with balding with this polish.

The holo effect here looks pretty cool. :)

This is 3 coats of Visit Me In Prism.

Visit Me In Prism is a lavender silver scattered holographic polish. It's a very unique polish. The color is not quite either lavender or silver.

I wish the sun was a bit better these days.

This is 3 coats of Sexagon. Finally- a picture where you can see how they really look!

Sexagon is silver scattered holographic polish.

Here's a blurry picture so you can really pick up the holographic nature.


I own about 7 of the Kaleidoscopes and I'm trying to get my hands on all of them! The effect is very cool in these polishes and it seems holographic polishes are becoming harder and harder to come by. Like most holographics, I did have some balding issues.

If you follow me on Twitter you probably saw my picture of my Frankens for Franken Friday! :) I'm really excited about this collection!

And some Apple nail art I did last week:
The apple smudged a bit with top coat :/


  1. Those China Glazes look awesome !
    And your nails are SO lovely !
    Xx. S

  2. I don't have any Kaleidoscopes, they're pretty!

  3. jealous. i want polishes from the Kaleidoscope collec! haha and i saw your frankens...super cuuute! :D

  4. Amazing collection!
    I love your nail art!
    So cute!!

  5. wow this is a nice collection! and i loove the nail art!

  6. visit me in prism looks awesome :-)
    love your mani :-D

  7. Gorgeous! I have Visit Me In Prism and I love it. I need to get my hands on more of this collection!

  8. Nice swatches and a very beautiful nail art =)

  9. Your apple is simply adorable~

  10. Those Kaleidoscope polishes are gorgeous!! :) Wish I had some of them! And, your nail art is super cute! :)

  11. your mani is soooo cute!!!! >.<
    and those kaleidoscope polishes are gorgeous!! i wish i have them. =(

  12. SPILL!!! where did you get them from? any secret places?

    will you oneday do a post showing your entire nail polish collection? untrieds and all?

  13. I ♥ your blog! Nice nails and great polishes. :)

  14. Aww so pretty why do they always discontinue the best stuff

  15. Katrina- that's why we need to go dusty hunting together!

    Shortwidenails- Nope! No secret places. I ordered them from eBay and Amazon. :)
    I think I've done a full collection post but I didn't show my untries. And since my collection is always growing, I will probably do another post about it, again.

    Thanks ladies!

  16. I just LOVE these Kaleidoscopes! I am supposed to be getting the majority of these soon. I can't wait. Are these the only ones you have which are you missing?


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