Tuesday, March 8, 2011

CND Sparkling Effects & My Katy Perry Nail Art

Morning everyone! I actually ventured to my beauty supply yesterday, which was having a huge sale, and didn't buy any polish. :) I did buy some Cuccio treatment products. I love their products and need to get around to doing a review for them. I always feel like I have a million things to share on my blog and never enough time to post it all!

Anyway, I wanted to share with you some polishes from one of my favorite brands, CND.

Eclectic Purple, Silver Sparkling, and Gold Sparkling.

This is 1 coat of Eclectic Purple. That's right- ONE coat.

Eclectic Purple is an opaque grape creme. Like all CND polishes I've tried, this one had a great formula. 

I'm sure there are other dupes for this color out there and I'm sure I have something similar but I can say the formula and the CND brush- makes it worth having in your collection.

I was trying to catch a bit of sun but I couldn't.

This is 1 coat of Silver Sparkling over Eclectic Purple.

Silver sparkling has silver micro glitter in a sheer silver base. You can't tell here, but it sparkles like crazy.

This looked absolutely gorgeous in real life. I wish I could have captured it in the sun so the sparkles could show.

The glitter lines flat and it wasn't too thick. Also, the glitter did not apply sparsely.

This is 1 coat of Gold Sparkling over Eclectic Purple.

Gold Sparkling has gold and holographic micro glitter in a gold base. This one is also very special in real life. The glitter shines and reflects the light wonderfully. 

This is my favorite of the two effect. It really glistened.

You can see a bit of the holographic micro glitter here.

I wish my camera could have captured the way these effects look on the nail, but I suspect only a video would have captured it. I could rave about CND all day though. Their polishes wear like iron on me and they all apply like butter. I also swear by CND Cuticle Oil. 

I also wanted to show you guys the Katy Perry nail art I entered in OPI's Facebook contest.
It's my version of Katy Perry's purple jewel nails.

I used Milani Hi-Res with a coat of OPI DS Top Coat and then applied random nail jewels.


  1. Cute nail art! I need to try a CND one-coat wonder!

  2. those nails are very nice!
    i hate how that competition is only open to the states!!!!

  3. I love it that way!!
    This mani is so cool!

  4. I've yet to be disappointed in any CND I've gotten.

  5. Oh wow! Eclectic Purple is stunning! I only have one CND polish as of now (Muddy Rose), but I definitively need to get my paws on that one *grabby hands*

    Which base coat do you use with CND polishes?
    I tried using Nail Tec Foundation II with muddy rose but that was a total disaster, it started peeling after 5 minutes :/

  6. You always have the nicest colors! It gives me inspiration =)

  7. LOve the nail art!! It's so cute :D

    Oh and I love CND's brush too.

  8. The nail art looks fantastic!
    I really love that color polish as well.

  9. love the purple & the silver sparkle!!!

  10. Man that purple is gorgeous! It looks warmer than all the Mismas dupes... perhaps closer to AA African Violet? I think I need to broaden my CND collection next time I hit up the beauty supply near my brother's house... in California.

    *buys a plane ticket* XD

  11. @ evercouldbe; try CND's "Sticky" base coat,it is specifically formulated to make your polish adhere or stick to your nail plate better. Also, use a good topcoat & seal up your free edge with it to prevent your polish from peeling at the tip.

  12. the silver top coat reminds me of china glaze hologrpahic wireless top coat

  13. Evercouldbe- What anonymous said is true. I use CND stickey and super shiney with my CND polishes and they wear really well. I have also found that Nail Tek Foundation II makes my manis chip very fast.

    Miss Tapia- Thanks!

    Jenny- Yes I would say it is close to African Violet in color. I have the bottles out to compare and I would say they are possibly dupes.

    Shortwidenails- I haven't tried my holographic top coat yet but I think CND's has larger glitter pieces.

    Thanks everyone!

  14. Love, love, love the Katy Perry look. I wanted to enter the contest too, but it was for US residents only... :'(


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