Sunday, March 6, 2011

Color Club: Pinks, Red, and Purple

If you follow me on Twitter, then you already know that as of yesterday morning I went on a no buy. I've never seriously been on a no buy so this should be interesting. Don't fret about posts, I still have a million things to show you!
Today I want to show some more of the Color Club polishes I received in a swap. These were not layered and the colors were too basic for me to be able to find names. If you know them, please let me know!
"Light Pink", "Dark Pink", "Medium Pink", "Red", and "Purple Shimmer".

This is 3 coats of "Light Pink" with top coat.

"Light Pink" is a light candy pink creme. It was super streaky and needed a top coat.

This was very sheer on it's first coat but built color by the third coat. Looking at the pictures now, I think it looks nice but I remember this polish being a PITA.

It's a very soft color.

This is 2 coats of "Dark Pink".

"Dark Pink" is a fuchsia pink jelly-creme. This polish had a good formula.

Looks like the color of watermelon. I'm starting to miss summer haha.:)

This color is really making me crave fruit right now.

This is 2 coats of "Medium Pink".

"Medium Pink" is well, a medium pink jelly-creme. 

I felt this polish was rather boring.

This polish was pretty and had a good formula but the color itself didn't spark my interest.

This is 2 coats of "Red".

"Red" is a true red jelly-creme. I can't say if this is orange or blue based- it just seems to be a true red to me. 

I actually like this red. Look how shiny! How can you deny a red like that? It looks very classy, in my opinion.

I want to describe this as "saucy".

This is 3 coats of "Purple Shimmer".

"Purple Shimmer" is a purple shimmer polish with holographic micro glitter. Well played, Color Club.

This polish is really gorgeous. 

Here you can see a bit of the micro glitter.

These polishes are pretty and had great formulas (except "Light Pink") but they really didn't steal my heart.

And some quick nail art:
I don't remember what I used but I wanted to try out the feather method again. I thought this came out cool but it was wayyyyy too bright for me.

I had a question on my Giveaway form that asked what is my favorite thing to write about in my blog.
My favorite thing to write about on my blog is new collections. I love the hype and being excited. 


  1. Gorgeous colors! My fav has to be Purple shimmer :)

  2. your nail art is so pretty !!! How did you do it ?

  3. purple shimmer looks awesome :-D
    love the last mani, i have to try it :-)

  4. I think I have light & medium pink from Pardon my French, but I'm not entirely sure... The watermelon one is cute, as is the purple! =]

  5. I love the light pink! Also like the feather method, something I'll have to try one day :)

  6. Love those! I have them and I had to google around for the pinks and red, but here is what I have down for mine:

    Light Pink: I Believe in Amour
    Med Pink: Angels n Pink
    Red: Cadillac Red
    Purple: Rev'd Up

    Hope that helps!

  7. gorgeous colors!! they are all pretty and i cant pick one!! <3

  8. Honey_lili- I use a feather brush. I believe I explain it on my Black Swan nail art post.

    Thanks Melina!

    Thanks guys!

  9. What is the watermelon shade?


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