Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Color Club: Vixen Swatches

If you guys follow me on twitter, you probably have seen my profile exploding with tweets between me and Katrina from Katrina's Nail Blog. We found out we lived somewhat close to each other and decided to do a bit of polish shopping together and have a bit of bubble tea. I had a ton of fun and we both walked away with a ton of nail swag. She's a really sweet girl and it's fun to meet someone outside the blogging world. :O)
Anyway, here's what I picked up:
OPI Black Shatter (Finally!), OPI DS Classic, Essie Sexy Divide, China Glaze Cowardly Lyin', Zoya Yummy, Zoya Roxy, and OPI DS Sapphire. :) I also got some empty bottles to franken with.

Now I want to show you guys some swatches!
I received all these Color Clubs in a swap with a lovely MUA member. She wanted to get a hold of some Petites Color Fever polishes and I wanted some Color Club sets from Ross. It seems like a lot of people can't get their hands on PCF polishes and want them. Maybe I should put some in a giveaway.
These polishes didn't have names on the bottoms so I tried my best to figure them out.

This is 3 coats of Magic Attraction.

Magic Attraction is a glitter polish with holographic glitter in a red and silver glitter base. 

It quickly became opaque but like most glitter polishes- it's very thick.

This one is very eye catching.

This is 3 coats of Sultry.

Sultry is an opaque gold glitter polish. The gold in this tends to lean more green to me rather than yellow.

Meh. I'm not too crazy about this color.


This is 3 coats of Tru Passion.

Tru Passion is is an opaque light purple glitter.

Look familiar? I have the Studio M version as well. :P. I should get rid of one, huh?

This is 3 coats of Sexy Siren. Yes, I applied like poopy.

Sexy Siren is a turquoise glitter polish. It really gave me the glitter herpes.

I feel like this polish didn't apply as even as the others.

You can see all the individual glitters here. I can't decide if that's cool or just ugly.

This is 3 coats of Object of Envy.

Object of Envy is a emerald green glitter.

I can't decide if I like this one or not. Maybe it's just too much green.

My nail looks like a swap thing.

This is 3 coats of Untamed Luxury. Which I don't think is from the Vixen collection.. I think it has it's own collection.. Uhm, well anyway it's a glitter. :)

Untamed Luxury is a turquoise jelly base polish with blue and bits of holographic glitter throughout it. I thought this might be a dupe for China Glaze Atlantis but Atlantis has more holographic glitter. 

I was worried this pigmented base would stain my nails, so I took it off right away.

Blurry glitter shot.

I hope you guys enjoyed :)


  1. I don't like glitters BUT Magic Attraction = WIN

  2. Great haul! I love how sparkly Roxy looks. Nice swatches of the Glitter Vixens! I acquired them a bit ago & wore (alternating) Object of Envy and Art of Seduction for Christmas. :)

  3. I love the greens! Can't believe how lovely and sparkly these all are! x

  4. Fun haul--those empties are cute! I keep thinking we should have a Michigan nail bloggers meet...

  5. Omigosh, I LOVE how glittery those are, specially the green one! Would be perfect for St. Patty's day. :) Where can you get them?

  6. i was wearing Tru Passion when we went on our hunt! except mine was the Studio M version...haha. but i looooove Magic Attraction. favorite silver holo glitter .

    and i agree with Karen~ Michigan bloggers meet up!~~

  7. Yes i seen some of ur tweets and thought that must be lot of fun meeting friend from blogger world and those looks great haul! :)

  8. I'm a new follower, found you from Katrina's blog ^__^ & I recognize them from the MUA board too, hehe. Love all the glitter polishes!

  9. KarenD- I agree.:)

    Princess Cupcake- You can buy the sets at a store called Ross's. Or buy them online.

    Katrina- Haha really? How funny. I like how we both got asked about our nails when we were out. How ironic.

    YoannitaL- Yes It was a ton of fun!

    Thanks guys!


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